Updated, March 8, 2014: This round is closed!  Thank you for voting.  

It’s time for March Madness Baby Names!

Are your favorite names for boys on this list?

The opening round of the boys’ tournament has some really tough match-ups.  It’s the kind of competition that makes you sad that we have to knock anyone out in this early round!

But that’s the way the game is played, and so here goes: the sixteen most-read boys’ posts from 2013 will face off, with #1 Rafferty taking on #16 Holdenand so on.

Unlike previous years, past winners are eligible to compete.  So you’ll see the return of Nathaniel, our 2011 champion.

We’ll narrow from sixteen to eight for next Saturday’s quarter-final rounds.  Voting remains open through Friday morning.  You can only vote once – unless, of course, you have access to more than one computer/other device.  (Which reminds me – how does the voting work on mobile?  I’ll be testing it this year, but I’d love to hear your feedback, too.)

Now, on to the main event:

The affable Rafferty faces off against the literary Holden

Battle of the high value Scrabble tiles: Huxley‘s is up against Koa‘s K

You’d find Caspian in your Atlas, but which is the better name?

The Scandinavian Soren against past champ Nathaniel

Brainy Beckett goes up against the short, sharp Cael

Nature name Fox faces surname name Everett

The gentle Shepherd against the legendary Finn

Literary name-of-the-moment Atticus or seldom-heard, but very wearable nature name Cove?

Best wishes to all of the contenders!

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What do you think?


  1. I have to say that I am one that had to choose which one I disliked less more than once. Not a fan of Holden or Rafferty. Really I did have to laugh at Soren vs. Nathaniel as that is my brother vs. my husband. 🙂 I think Everett, Finn and Atticus are my favorites from the list.

  2. My mother won a teddy bear naming contest in the 80’s, with the name
    Mr. Holden B. Close. He was an adorable teddy bear with glasses and a necktie. I think its a nice name for a man or a teddy bear, lol!

  3. Holden beating Rafferty? How interesting. I love Rafferty. And poor Cove doesn’t have a chance against Atticus.

  4. So frustrating when two of my favorites are paired against each when there is another set that I don’t like either one!!!

  5. I’m rooting for Atlas, one of my favorites! I’d like to see Shepherd do well too.

    I voted on mobile, and I agree with Amy. It was super easy.

  6. Love that Everett made the list! We have an Everett named after his great-grandpa! I didn’t realize how popular it is getting!