1. Bri says

    Our 3rd son born June 2013 is Lennox Caspian, my husband was reluctant at first but we’ve read that Caspian means from the sea and a few afters after he was born we found out it was World Ocean’s Day! We love this name so much that we often refer to him as Caspian or Prince Caspian.

  2. Kara @ The Art of Naming says

    I am really loving this name lately and am seriously considering it. Do you guys think it would go well with my son Maximus’ name? I think so. Just gotta convince hubby. He didn’t jump for joy when I mentioned it but he also didn’t reject it Haha!

  3. Waltzing More Than Matilda says

    Narnia was the original Roman name of Narni – C.S. Lewis must have been aware of this as a scholar.

    I love this name – it has such an ancient and mysterious history, and I learned a lot reading this post.

  4. Diana says

    I love this name.

    But this line made me cringe: “it is the fourth in the series chronologically.” don’t give in to the nouveau order, AppMtn! It’s a travesty.

  5. Charlette says

    I called my son Caspian (born March ’10). I loved it ever since I was 7 or 8 and read Narnia, although my husband was reluctant at first. We both love it now, and always get comments on what an unusual and lovely name it is. I like that the instant association is ‘Prince Caspian’, rather than, as you say, wherefore art thou Romeo.

  6. appellationmountain says

    And imagine if your darling daughter brought home her prom date … Romeo!

    Of course, since it was the 505th most popular name in ’07, it could happen. I can’t promise to keep a straight face should that ever come to pass.

  7. coolteamblt says

    I’ll take Caspian over Romeo any day. Romeo is still a bit dramatic for me. Caspian is dreamy, romantic, and a place name without dooming that child to “Where for art thou, oh Romeo?

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