Are there any boy names for Elizabeth?

The classic name Elizabeth dates back to the New Testament. It’s an enduring classic, worn by saints and queens and women of accomplishment across the centuries. A form of Elizabeth appears in nearly every European language; even more, if the related Isabel and Isabella are considered.

Plenty of expectant parents would like to honor a beloved Elizabeth with their child’s name. And if it’s a baby girl, the options are endless, from nicknames like Betty and Beth to international variants like Elisabetta.

Think of a traditional male name and it probably has an equally familiar feminine equivalent: George and Georgia, John and Jane (or Joanna or Joan or any of these choices), Joseph and Josephine. Even William and Willa, Willow, and Billie. Some of those girl names are far more popular than their masculine counterparts, while the opposite is true for others. But when we’re asked to come up with a feminine form of Luke, or a masculine equivalent to Julia, we know the answer.

But that’s not always the case. And Elizabeth, in particular, is hard to make work for a son. 

There are a few options that have potential. If you’re looking for boy names for Elizabeth, this is the list of names to consider.


Elizabeth’s El refers to God in Hebrew. Plenty of El- names could honor a loved one. 

ELI (#69)

An Old Testament name, Eli boasts a slightly different origin. It’s Hebrew, but means ascension. While Eli isn’t a masculine form of Elizabeth, it shares the first three letters, which seems quite close.

ELIAM (#672)

It sounds like an Eli/Liam mash-up, but Eliam is a Hebrew name meaning “God’s people.”

ELIAN (#300)

Another El- name, likely related to Elijah, but also potentially to Elizabeth. 

ELIAS (#43)

Elias is simply the Greek form of Elijah, but slightly less common than the Top Ten favorite. If Elijah brings to mind Eliza, then Elias is closer to the elegant, restrained Elise.

ELIEL (#810)

Old Testament rarity with the right letters and sound.


Another Old Testament name, Elijah means “my God is Yahweh.” It’s quite current today, a Top 20 favorite since 2010. It might be the closest name to Elizabeth in many ways – the length, the shared first syllable, even the meaning. It also sounds similar to Elizabeth short form Eliza.

ELIO (#877)

It looks like an Elijah/Elias cousin, but Elio is an Italian name related to the Green sun god, Helios.


ELLIS (#307)

This surname name is fairly popular for boys, though not nearly as common as the first three names. In many cases, it started out as a surname derived from Elijah. It sounds like the first two syllables of Elizabeth, which makes it an obvious choice on the boy names for Elizabeth list.

ELLIOT, ELLIOTT (#150; #168 for boys)

Elliot – and Elliott – are related to Elias. The surnames have plenty of history as given names, and almost feel like traditional firsts.

ELLISON (unranked)

Take Ellis and add ‘son’ and you’ll have yet another surname option. It’s more popular for girls than boys at the moment, though it’s pretty uncommon for all children. With names like twentieth century staple Allison and current favorite Emerson in use, Ellison fits right in.


Elizabeth means “my God is an oath.” Meanings like pledge, oath, and vow could come close enough to be boy names for Elizabeth.

GAGE (#649)

A modern possibility, it can mean to measure or to pledge.

GILBERT (unranked)

Gilbert comes from Germanic elements. The first, gisil, means pledge. The second, beraht, means bright.

HOMER (unranked)

A little bit classical poet, a little bit Simpsons, Homer means pledge in Greek.


This takes some truly creative thinking, but for the right family, it could be an option.


Inspired by Elizabeth Bennett of Pride and Prejudice, Bennett shares the nickname Ben with the even more popular Benjamin. 

STANTON (unranked)

Elizabeth Cady Stanton puts this name on the list.

TAYLOR (#621)

As in Hollywood legend Liz Taylor.


There are plenty of creative ways to honor a loved one with your child’s name.

Maybe your beloved Elizabeth’s surname or middle name could be options. A nickname or something you associate strongly with her might provide inspiration, too.

But if sound and meaning are your priorities, Elijah, Elian, and Elias – while not exactly masculine equivalents of Elizabeth – feel like the strongest choices.

Are there other boy names for Elizabeth to consider?

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  1. There’s also the medieval French Isabeau/Ysabeau variant of Elizabeth, which could be shortened to Beau.

  2. Ooh, yes. I usually ignore Mac-/Mc- names as suggestions because I’m very pedantic about the “son” meaning being literal, but in this case it works perfectly!

    1. Of course, this reply was in response to FE’s suggestion of MacBeth. //sigh// I don’t know why this keeps happening.

  3. Just came across Macbeth in a baby name book and thought of you. Might be a bit bold as a first name but ‘son of Beth’ seemed amazingly meaningful in this situation and what a cool middle name to have! Couldn’t help but come and put it out there for you as another possibility to honour your Mum.