most popular baby name listsEarlier this year, I shared the Most Popular Boy Names at Appellation Mountain, and the Top Girl Names, too.

The girl names’ list dwarfs the boys’ version – 60 names versus 30. That’s because posts about girl names tend to attract more attention.

But far, far more popular than any individual name post? It’s the lists! Some of these are new for 2020. Others were updated recently. But even more are long-time reader favorites that have been around since the blog’s early days.

Call it Appellation Mountain’s greatest hits.

Some of these reflect long-standing name obsessions. Many of adore French names. Unconventional nicknames, too, often attract lots of attention, year over year.

But some of these hint at current trends, and sometimes at things to come, too.

Either way, I love to see what you love to read!


#25: Boy Names Ending with A: Luca, Ezra, Koa

Not so long ago, girl names ending with a, while boy names ending with … any other letter under the sun, but definitely not a. Then came Joshua. And Noah and Elijah and Cuba and Dakota and Luca and … well. It’s now a perfectly legit ending for a boy’s name, and that has opened the door for some great picks for our sons.

#24: 19 Long and Lovely Girl Names: Anastasia and Violetta

For every Jane or Kate, there’s an Antonella and a Stellamaris. Girl names that clock in at four syllables – or more! – aren’t a long list, but we do love them.

#23: Ooh La La: French Names for Girls

One of the very first baby name lists on this site all the way back in 2008, French names for girls is a post that just won’t quit. It’s been revised and updated and changed some more. All these years later, I still swoon when I read this one.

#22: Eleanor Nicknames: Ellie, Nola, Lane

Classic given name, unexpected short form. It’s a great approach for finding names that fit in and stand out at the same time. Traditional and storied Eleanor becomes versatile thanks to so many great nickname options.

#21: Unexpected Nicknames for Alexander

Because there are so many options besides Alex.

#20: Sweet Spot Boy Names: Jonah, Malcolm, Lane

These are the names that Goldilocks would love. They’re instantly familiar, sometimes rising in popularity … but far below the heights of Liam/Noah/James.

#19: Leo Names: From Leonard to Leovanni

There’s buttoned-up Leonard and bold Leonidas, plus a dozen more. Fierce and vintage Leo can be short for a long list of handsome choices.

#18: Formal Names for Millie: Millicent, Amelia, and More

Millie is a great, sparky name. And if you’re looking for something a little longer to go on your daughter’s birth certificate? The options are plentiful.

#17: Penelope Nicknames: Eight Unexpected Choices

Did you think it was just Penny? Not so!

#16: The Great Big List of Bird Names for Girls

We love a great nature name, and flowers are an obvious choice. But not far behind flowers? Birds!

#15: Long Names for Girls: Elizabella and Anastasia

Um … did I write the same article twice? Apparently, because two lists of long girl names make the greatest hits list.

#14: 73 Spunky Girl Names: Pippa, Romy, and More

Sparky, high-energy, and yes, spunky names for our daughters.

#13: Rose Names: Rosalie, Rosemary, Primrose

Rose names range from the spare and classic original to so many elaborations and combinations.

#12: Boy Names Ending in O: 99 Great Options

Gone are the days when boys’ names never ended with vowels. From Leo and Arlo to Horatio and Miro, O-enders are everywhere.

#11: Twin Boy Names: Shared First Initial

Would you give your twins names starting with the same first initial? Maybe not, but this list – or the comments! – might persuade you to consider it.

#10: Ten Unexpected Nicknames for Charles

One of the all-time most-read posts here – nicknames for Charles besides Charlie and Chuck!

#9: Twyla, Esther, and Luna: Night Owl Names for Girls

A deep and rich category of appealing names, all borrowed from the night sky.

#8: Elizabeth Nicknames: Betty, Liza, Elle

The most classic of girl names, Elizabeth has developed a long list of equally appealing nicknames over the centuries.

#7: Long Boy Names: Alexander to Zacchaeus

We love long names for girls, but this list of long boy names? It’s even more popular.

#6: 33 EcoVintage Girl Names: Flora, Lillie, June

Vintage + nature combined = ecovintage! It’s one of the hottest styles right now.

#5: Rare 1885 Baby Names: Leda, Dempsey, Rome

Speaking of vintage, we do love a good throwback name, and this 1885 list is jam-packed.

#4: Wizarding World Baby Names: Find Your Harry Potter Name!

Want to name like the Weasleys … or maybe the Malfoys? Here’s your guide. Plus, find your Wizarding World name here.

#3: 100+ Cool Short Boy Names

Because we can’t name every boy Jack.

#2: Coolest Top 100 Boy Names: Ezra, Jack, and Owen

Yes, a name can rank in the US Top 100 and still be oh-so-very cool. These boy names prove it!

#1: 125 One-Syllable Middle Names for Girls: Besides Grace and Rose

We often like to keep middle names brief, which is why so many girls end up with Grace or Rose in that spot. But there are dozens upon dozens of alternatives – and we love reading about them!

Those were the lists of 2020 that you loved best. Any favorites here? Any suggestions for the 2021 calendar?

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