She’s a Biblical babe and a comic book staple.

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The small screen’s Smallville has done wonders for Clark, transforming him from dull and dated to geek-chic. Lois Lane didn’t come to town until the series’ fourth season, but she’s been part of the cast ever since.

When the character was created for the Superman comic, back in 1938, Lois was a logical pick for the girl reporter. In use since the US rankings began in 1880, Lois entered the Top 100 in 1902. She peaked at #17 in 1929, and still stood at a respectable #33 in 1938. Today, if you wanted a name like Lois, you’d probably christen your character Allison.

While not every comic book character makes a good role model, Lois Lane is among the better choices. She’s independent, strong-willed and, in most incarnations, clearly equal in talent and drive to Clark. (Though the amount of rescuing required has ebbed and flowed over the years.)

The original Lois was the first century mother of Eunice and, through Eunice, grandmother of Saint Timothy. Both Lois and Eunice are praised for their piety. Timothy, of course, became an early Christian leader, bishop and close associate of Saint Paul. This makes her a New Testament name – Biblical, but not quite as fashionable as Old Testament choices.

Lois was discovered following the Reformation and was in sparing use into the twentieth century, when she really took off. Notable bearers of the name include:

  • Celebrated children’s author Lois Lowry;
  • Early silent film star, Lois Moran – better remembered as a romantic interest of the legendary F. Scott Fitzgerald;
  • Model Lois Chiles, known for her big screen role as Bondgirl Holly Goodhead from spies-in-space odyssey Moonraker;
  • Fictional – and hysterically funny – television mom to Malcolm in the Middle, Lois;
  • It’s also the name of the mom on Family Guy;
  • Perhaps both television moms were inspired by Lois Flagston, the wife of Hi and mom to the four Flagston kids since the 1950s in Sunday comic strip Hi and Lois.

Lois left the US Top 1000 after 1983, and up until recently, has sounded more like somebody’s grandma than a brand new baby. Could she make a comeback?

She probably comes from the Greek loion – better – and so is unrelated to the long list of L-names that have risen in recent years. But those names – from the classic Louisa to the out-of-this-world Luna – could lift Lois, too. Also consider:

  • Ends-in-s picks like Alice and Frances are returning to fashion;
  • Besides Lucy, Lucia, Luna and Lucille, there’s Lola – either a possible nickname for Lois, or a name close enough to inspire parents to consider Lois, too;
  • The -lo can be found in plenty of other rising choices, too, from the mega-popular Chloe to Shiloh (#650) and Sloane (#999).

While Lois won’t be taking Emma’s place at the top of the charts anytime soon, she could be primed for a comeback in the next decade or so. She’s surprisingly spunky and yet tailored, too.

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  1. My name is Lois and my parents gave me the nickname ‘Lola’ when I was very young. I’m now in my late teens and while some people still call me Lola, I always introduce myself as Lois whenever I meet someone new. I never really liked my name growing up, and I’m not really sure whether I like it now.