Most Popular Posts 2015Yesterday we looked at the most popular baby name posts of 2015. Leo and Lena led the pack, with lots of surprises mixed in. It’s always fun to look at those numbers, plus it’s a fun preview of March Madness Baby Names 2016, which will be here before we know it!

Today, let’s look at the most popular posts from 2015, and make sure to read all the way to the end – I’ve got a fun announcement coming up, too!

None of my advice posts make it into the Top Ten, but some are very popular. Here are the Top Three:

  • Name HelpJust two more posts I wanted to mention from last year. First, the most popular Name Help post was Name Help: A Gender Neutral Name for a Girl. It follows the Top Ten posts, but I think lots of people read it, too, because the parents were good enough to give us an update on their daughter’s name: Sullivan Kate, nickname Liv. Keep those updates coming, Name Help parents!
  • And one more curiosity – a Sunday Summary post from early 2014 was viewed more than 1,600 times in 2015. It doesn’t make any sense – typically, Sunday Summary posts are super-popular in the ten days after they’re published. And then I could pretty much delete them. I suspect this one does so well because I discuss the obscure, but wonderful, term phonestheme. You’ll have to read the original post to learn more. Oh, how I love those academic onomastic terms!

And now, an announcement …

For the past year or more, the publication schedule has been as follows: a revised Baby Name of the Day post on Monday, new Baby Name of the Day posts Tuesday through Thursday, a list post on Friday, #namehelp on Saturday, and the weekly Sunday Summary.

But I have more ideas for Fridays than I can fit into 52 posts, and many more requests for Saturday #namehelp than I can fit into a year. When my #namehelp requests get backed up, I absolutely hate to even open my email.

Beginning in February, the schedule will look like this:

  • Monday: Either a revised Baby Name of the Day post or a #namehelp post
  • Tuesday: New Baby Name of the Day post
  • Wednesday: In-depth posts about categories of names – just like on Fridays! I’m going to try to put some series in these spots, too.
  • Thursday: New Baby Name of the Day post
  • Friday: An in-depth post about categories of names, name advice, or similar
  • Saturday: #namehelp
  • Sunday: The Sunday Summary, just like now

I’m a little nervous about losing a space for a featured name post, so I’m going to consider this a trial run through the end of March.

And with that, let’s get welcome in the New Year! I’m excited about what’s ahead in 2016, and so very grateful that each and everyone of you is here for the journey.

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  1. Eh, I think you could leave a day open for whatever fits that week. I don’t think any of us will mind”

  2. Yay!!! I’m excited about the new posting schedule — it’s more of what I love most. Abby, you are the best. No one feeds my name obsession quite like you

  3. I have enjoyed reading your posts for several years now. It seems to me that you have a very good feel for when the time is right to change things up. Being able to write on the pros and cons of using nicknames-on-the-birth-certificate is just one example of how good you are at combining facts with entertaining writing. Thank you for always keeping me entertained and informed.

  4. I feel personally responsible for some of these stats. Lol. I named a baby girl this year and haunted your archives.

  5. This is my favorite name site, and I read it every day. Thank you for posting such great content consistently! It is excellent. Happy new year!