Alphabet: C is for Girls

Even before the Kardashians became reality TV staples, K names were popular for girls.

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For K’s:

Boys: Kade, Kyle, Kevin, Kenley, Keely, Kimball, Kelly, Kelsey, Kenneth, Kennedy, Kai, Kaige, Kassian, Kalen, Kaley, Koen, Knox, Koa, Koda, Kumar, Kyan, Kenzie, Kolan, Koby, Kash, Kiley, Kellan, Kerry, Kendall, Khaled, Kasper, Kenny, Karter, Kris, Ken, Kendrick, Kyrie, Keanu, Kiefer, Killian, Kane, Kieran,

Girls: Kayla, Katherine, Kaia, Kyla, Kristen, Keri, Kathleen, Kimara, Khadija, Kali, Kensi, Karen, Krista, Katniss, Keandra, Kaitlin, Kyra, Kimberley (I know it’s boys name but I think it’s too far gone to the girls now), Kendra (also a boy name that means son of Henry and a variation of Kendrick, but too far gone these days).

Funny how it’s actually more of a boys letter if the girls hadn’t stolen so many

C is one of my favorite letters, too!
I like: Charlotte, Caroline, Cassia, Cora, Christina
I love: Cordelia, Corinne/Corinna, Cecilia, Celia, Claire, Camille, Colette

For boys-Conall, Corbin, Cooper, Caleb, Colby, Caspar, Charles

For K names, I suggest:

Girls: Karen, Keturah, Kendra, Katya, Kezia, Kestrel, Kali, Kalindi, Katniss

Boys: Kelly, Kai, Kyle, Keith, Keegan

Not sure if any of those pass the cringeworthy test?

I missed this post originally (I found you later in 2008) .
Cecily is a love of mine and Clementine, which you didn’t mention, both of which I’d actually use. C is absolutely a favorite letter of mine, there are 5 C names on my whole list. Only R comes close, with 3 (Rex, Rufus & Remy).I really like the letter C!

Hmmm i’m not sure about that Kristine, I’m a Kristen and it was darn near impossible to find it spelled w/an EN. it was always spelled IN.

Course Kristen is my middle name. my first is Jennifer, which i abor.

C names- I love using Cs instead of Ks. there are a few names which i prefer K’s on but i like both Katerine and Catherine. i think Katerine is a bit more sporty and spunky maybe more outgoing while Catherine is very elegant, and refined, quiet but strong.

My sister has a fabulous C name. Caroline, named after our great Aunt Beatrice Caroline. Her nick-name (like our great Aunt) is Callie.

I truly wish i had been given an elegant family C name!! instead i got stuck w/the ultimate trend name Jennifer…bleck! oh well..i love Kristen. lol

I have been dissappointed my whole life because all those gift shops out there have Kristen and Christine, but never Kristine! I may be a little biased, but I think that Kristine is prettier looking than Christine. But somehow, I think that the name Christina looks better than Kristina. I don’t know why, but that has always been my opinion.

Of course, Kilmeny does sound a bit like a command to slaughter a large number of people, so I can see why it hasn’t become too popular. I know a girl named Kestrel, after the bird. That’s not a horrible name. I also find Katya and Katrin to be good less-common Katherine alternatives.

Great suggestions. I love Clio!

When you get to the K’s, how about Keren and Keturah? (They’re both little-used biblical choices.) I also like the German Klara. There is also the obscure and literary Kilmeny (heroine of an Alfred Noyes poem and a Lucy Maud Montgomery novel).

I don’t think Caprice is bad; I associate it more with carefree whimsy or even music. I thought of Celeste and Catalina right away, but I don’t know where they place.

I’ve thought of Kerensa and Keziah, too. There *must* be more! As for Q and X, Y and Z, I can only imagine they will be short posts. Unless, of course, some celeb names their kids Quiver or Xylophone between now and then. 😉

I don’t know about K! Honestly, aside from my name, Kenneth, Kenna, and Kerensa, I can’t think of any K names I don’t hate. I don’t even really like Kenneth or Kenna, but I just don’t hate them, and Katherine is way too popular for the alphabet posts.

Quinn is about it for Q names for me. I guess Quinlan and Quinton aren’t bad, but they look weird to me. I like Xanthe and Ximena, but that’s it. Zoe, Zara, and Zora are the only Z names I like.

Charlotte is lovely, but yup, anything in the Top 200 is more or less ruled out for the Alphabet posts. I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do when I get to K, that most-abused baby name letter, or Q or X or Z. Are there any unusual K names that don’t make my head want to rotate around on its neck a la the Exorcist? If you think of any, please let me know!

I also skipped Calla and Caroline and a few other worthy options so I can write a “Getting to Callie” post. It is a very appealing nickname, but as you say, needs to have a grown-up version to back it up.

Ugh, I can’t stand Caprice as a name, or Capri. They’re so silly sounding, and have such an ugly meaning!

Is Charlotte too common to make the list? I also really like Calla, which is Greek for ‘beauty’ and a type of lily. Calla makes a nice give name for people who really really like the nickname Callie, but can’t come up with a more grown-up sounding name.