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It’s officially called La Fête Nationale in France, and the holiday doesn’t exactly commemorate the storming of the Bastille.  But it is a celebration of all things French, and so every time the calendar turns up on July 14th, I find myself thinking about French names.  They remain some of the most popular choices profiled here at AppMtn, so if you’re feeling rather français today, why not read:

Elsewhere online:

  • Boys’ names in Montana definitely tends towards the rugged.  For Real found Thor, Tryg, Cru, Axton, Bryker, and Colter in recent birth announcements.
  • From the wayback machine: in 2008, the featured name was Etienne.  (Which reminds me, I was in Montreal five years ago when I wrote that post.)  2009 was all about Phaedra.  We turned our attention to Rhiannon in 2010.  2011 brought us Lawrie, and in 2012, the Baby Name of the Day was London.
  • It doesn’t take a superstar to choose a wild name.  Loki, Breebella, Acatia, Emberly, Kenasyn, Jagger Warrior, Tuff Edmund, all in another round-up at For Real Baby Names.
  • And a few more from Australia: a boy called Buick Ace and a girl named Irving Fortescue Violet.
  • Here’s a friendly reminder that not every Hollywood baby name is outlandish.  I think Mark Wahlberg and Rhea Durham are probably prize-winners for their quarter of normally-named kiddos: Michael, Brendan, Ella, and Grace.
  • Speaking of normal names, how ’bout this interview with Elea?  Wouldn’t Prince Frederick or Princess Alice be lovely?
  • Forget the royals, what does a Jonas brother name his baby?
  • I hope Angela is right about Blythe I spotted a brand of organic lavender dish soap called Blithe and Bonny at a store in my neighborhood.  I almost bought it for the name alone …
  • I love the idea of Cricket as a nickname.  My friend C. tells me that she knew a Cornelia who went by Cricket.  That’s my new favorite!  But if it were me, I’d use Catharine called Cricket.
  • A -ty ending name does appeal to me.  For a long time, I wanted to name twin girls India and Verity.  I love Clarity, too.

That’s all for this week.  As always, thank you for reading – and have a great week!

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  1. Oh and a Facebook update … Facebook now don’t give me the option to “Like” or “comment” on posts at all, although I seem to be able to do it on web pages which let people comment using their Facebook page.

    I don’t know whether this is a result of my complaints, or they just decided this is the way it’s going to be.

  2. I do think Princess Alice is lovely, but Queen Alice doesn’t seem real to me, somehow … it reminds me so much of the ending to “Through the Looking Glass”, and its accompanying song.

    There was a bit of a debate as to whether Irving Fortescue Violet was a girl or boy – nobody could imagine a girl named Irving, but I couldn’t imagine a boy named Violet, even in the middle. Irving’s siblings all had gender-ambiguous names too …

  3. As a child of the ’80s, all I think of when I hear the name Cricket is the creepy talking doll. I don’t usually care about what celebrities name their kids, but I’m eagerly anticipating the name of the royal baby! I read a rumor online that one of the baby’s middle names will be Spencer in honor of William’s mother, regardless of the gender. I quite like that.

  4. I didn’t know Kevin and Danielle were expecting! I was an embarrassingly huge fan of the Jonas Brothers in middle school. I wonder if they’ll stick to Paul Kevin for a boy? I wouldn’t expect anything outrageous from them.