Attributed coat of arms of King Edmund Ironsid...
Attributed coat of arms of Edmund Ironside; Image via Wikipedia

Edwin’s second syllable feels lucky, and

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  1. I like Edmund, he’s high up on my list since he would honour grandpa Sigmund 🙂 -mund is a very common ending in Norse names as well, Amund, Oddmund, Gudmund, Eimund, Dagmund, Fredmund, Ingmund, Ommund, Solmund, Vemund etc…

    I also found Edm

  2. I go back and forth on whether I prefer Edward or Edmond. My main association with Edmond/Edmund is definitely Mansfield Park! And I do love that Edmond is so much less common. I prefer the “o” spelling — it looks more distinguished (less “mund”ane, I suppose?).

  3. Love this name! Love Edward too. Not really a fan of Edwin. Unfortunately I am not a fan of any of the nicknames, so the names are out for me.

  4. Okay, my paternal great-grandfather’s name was Edward, and has been on my list for a long time (with Ned as a nickname). That being said, while I have nothing against Edmund, and quite like it, having Edward and Edmund in the same family would be super confusing! I also like Eamon, and would use that over Edmund if given the chance.

  5. This is my favourite by far of the Ed- names, and I wish it hadn’t been so neglected. It sounds very noble to me.

    I only know one Edmund, and his sister is called Susan, just like in “The Chronicles of Narnia”!

  6. Both Mark and I hail from Edmonton in Canada (although we no longer live there), so I guess you could say that Edmund/Edmond has a soft place in our hearts. While I doubt we’d ever use it in the first spot, I could see myself suggesting it for the middle position on a future child. The name also has positive associations for me via The Chronicles of Narnia, Edmund Burke, and Mansfield Park.

    1. Now that’s a very clever way to incorporate your personal history into a child’s name.

  7. I actually really love Edmond! It’s the name of a town here in Oklahoma where my husband and I spent our honeymoon. In fact, our honeymoon inspired a couple of other baby names: we stayed in the Arcadian Inn, in the Magnolia room! So Edmond, Arcadia, and Magnolia are all loves of mine 🙂 If Stanley is ever blessed with a little brother or sister, those are some of our top options.

    1. Oh, how fun! I noticed Edmond, OK in one of my searches, but it didn’t occur to me to look any further. I keep wanting to visit Oklahoma – I hear Tulsa is amazing.

      1. Oklahoma is a beautiful, beautiful state 🙂 I’ve lived here all of my life and can’t imagine living anywhere else – the scenery, the people, everything is just amazing with the exception of the weather sometimes. Tulsa is great, but I’m a bit of a City girl myself!

  8. I really like this name! It’s one of the few boys names that really fits my literary/royal/British style. I grew up reading all those Narnia and Austen novels so it’s been a favourite for a long time 🙂

    1. Literary/royal/British is a tough combo – and you’re right, Edmund hits all three notes.