1. Dearest says

    I like Edmund, he’s high up on my list since he would honour grandpa Sigmund 🙂 -mund is a very common ending in Norse names as well, Amund, Oddmund, Gudmund, Eimund, Dagmund, Fredmund, Ingmund, Ommund, Solmund, Vemund etc…

    I also found Edm

  2. Emmy Jo says

    I go back and forth on whether I prefer Edward or Edmond. My main association with Edmond/Edmund is definitely Mansfield Park! And I do love that Edmond is so much less common. I prefer the “o” spelling — it looks more distinguished (less “mund”ane, I suppose?).

  3. Sara says

    Love this name! Love Edward too. Not really a fan of Edwin. Unfortunately I am not a fan of any of the nicknames, so the names are out for me.

  4. Lady Gwyn says

    Okay, my paternal great-grandfather’s name was Edward, and has been on my list for a long time (with Ned as a nickname). That being said, while I have nothing against Edmund, and quite like it, having Edward and Edmund in the same family would be super confusing! I also like Eamon, and would use that over Edmund if given the chance.

  5. waltzingmorethanmatilda says

    This is my favourite by far of the Ed- names, and I wish it hadn’t been so neglected. It sounds very noble to me.

    I only know one Edmund, and his sister is called Susan, just like in “The Chronicles of Narnia”!

  6. Charlotte Vera says

    Both Mark and I hail from Edmonton in Canada (although we no longer live there), so I guess you could say that Edmund/Edmond has a soft place in our hearts. While I doubt we’d ever use it in the first spot, I could see myself suggesting it for the middle position on a future child. The name also has positive associations for me via The Chronicles of Narnia, Edmund Burke, and Mansfield Park.

  7. Whitney Gigandet says

    I actually really love Edmond! It’s the name of a town here in Oklahoma where my husband and I spent our honeymoon. In fact, our honeymoon inspired a couple of other baby names: we stayed in the Arcadian Inn, in the Magnolia room! So Edmond, Arcadia, and Magnolia are all loves of mine 🙂 If Stanley is ever blessed with a little brother or sister, those are some of our top options.

    • appellationmountain says

      Oh, how fun! I noticed Edmond, OK in one of my searches, but it didn’t occur to me to look any further. I keep wanting to visit Oklahoma – I hear Tulsa is amazing.

      • Whitney Gigandet says

        Oklahoma is a beautiful, beautiful state 🙂 I’ve lived here all of my life and can’t imagine living anywhere else – the scenery, the people, everything is just amazing with the exception of the weather sometimes. Tulsa is great, but I’m a bit of a City girl myself!

  8. Fran says

    I really like this name! It’s one of the few boys names that really fits my literary/royal/British style. I grew up reading all those Narnia and Austen novels so it’s been a favourite for a long time 🙂

    • appellationmountain says

      Literary/royal/British is a tough combo – and you’re right, Edmund hits all three notes.

  9. Emily says

    I’ve never been a big fan of Edmund. The -mund/-mond ending just seems so heavy to me. Yet I love the name Desmond.

    • appellationmountain says

      Oh, I do like Desmond – forgot about him when I was dreaming up other ends in -mond options.

  10. K. M. Sheard says

    Great post. I’ve always had a very soft spot for Edmund, and it does seem to have turned the corner after almost dwindling away to nothing a few years ago. It was in my top 5 names when I was pregnant (I had a girl!), and I know two little boys of the name. It’s worth remembering it can also share Edward’s alternative short forms – Ned and Ted – as well as Ed and Eddie, etc.

    Another couple of interesting Edmunds are the unfortunate Edmund ‘Bunny’ Corcoran in Donna Tartt’s Secret History, and the lovely Edmund Bertram in Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park.

    • appellationmountain says

      Confession: I have never, ever read Mansfield Park. I don’t know why – I’ve read every other Jane Austen novel at least a half-dozen times. Adding it to my list …

  11. Julie says

    Wasn’t there an Edmund on a soap opera? Maybe All My Children?

    My grandpa was named Edwin, so that’s probably the only “Ed” name I’d actually use, but I like Edmund a lot and Eamon is fabulous.

  12. Sarah A says

    Edmund is really my favorite of the Ed-names and as I’m unfamiliar with the Narnia books or movies, the Gordon Lightfoot song (which I know by heart) is really my only association with the name. However, Edwin is an important family name for me so I doubt I could get away with an Ed-name other than Edwin. I also really love Eamon, but that’s mainly to get to the similar sounding Arabic name Ayman. So Eamon/Ayman/Edmund/Edwin all remain on various lists 🙂

    I love that Edmund is old-fashioned without being too musty and to my ears, sounds very strong. I think the -mund/mond ending is a bit heavy and gives names like Edmund a very masculine edge. I don’t like Ed at all (reminds me of Al, Bob, Bill, etc.) but Edmund is really aces!

    • appellationmountain says

      I adore Ned, though I agree – Ed isn’t my cup of tea.

      And yes – I think of the song immediately, too. My husband is from Detroit, and I’ve always found Mariner’s Church fascinating.

  13. Claire says

    Edmund is the badass of the Narnia books; that’s why I love him! If I had a mind to use such a traditional name, Edmund would be first on the list for me.

  14. Bryony says

    And don’t forget Keats. “If my name had been Edmund I should have been more fortunate.”

  15. Rosy says

    It’s definitely my favorite Ed- name. I’ve never really liked any of them, but Edmund is catching my eye lately. I love Eamon, though!

  16. Catherine says

    My favourite great-uncle is an Edmund. Hmm. I do like it 🙂 it sounds fresher than Edward (it really took Twilight for me to start hating Edward)

  17. Lola says

    Edmund of Narnia is one of my least favorite literary guys. And that’s a lonely group for me, there’s so few I really dislike. Elkanah Bent is the only other occupant of that list. Edmund’s a lovely name, strong, handsome and familiar without being weird. I just prefer Edgar.

  18. Bella says

    Don’t forget Edmund from the Chronicles of Narnia…that’s who immediately comes to mind for me. I actually really like this name 🙂

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