English: Blanche Stuart Scott in her biplane
Blanche Stuart Scott (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She’s a Golden Girl name with French flair.

Thanks to Kimberly for suggesting her great-grandmother’s name as our Baby Name of the Day: Blanche.

She appears to be an affectionate nickname that stuck, almost as if we named girls Pretty.  (Which, actually, we sometimes do.)

The first Blanche was also Blanca, born in the 1130s.  Daughter of King García of Navarre and Maguerite de l’Aigle, she’s referred to by both the Spanish and French versions of her name.

Plenty of well-born women wore the name after her, including:

  • Blanche of Navarre, Countess of Champagne, born 1177
  • Blanche of Castile was born in 1188 and became Queen of France
  • Blanche of Artois, born 1248
  • Blanche of Namur – that’s in Belgium – was born in 1335.  She married the King Magnus Eriksson, King of Sweden and Norway and was known as Queen Blanka.
  • A fourteenth century Blanche of Navarre, or Blanche d’Évreux, also became Queen of France.

She quickly became an established choice for girls.  The name also appears in medieval England as Blanch and Blanchia.  The Italian version is Bianca, embraced by Shakespeare for not one, but two characters.

It’s likely that we liked her because of her meaning.  White equated with beauty – pale skin was in, in a big way – but also purity.

She literally means white in French – Snow White answers to Blanche Neige – in the US, Blanche has a very different reputation.

A few of us might think of Jane Eyre.  Her rival for Mr. Rochester’s affections is, briefly, the beautiful, but cruel, socialite Blanche Ingram.

Chances are that you’ll think of:

  • Southern belle Blanche DuBois is the invention of Tennessee Williams for his 1947 play A Streetcar Named Desire.  She’s a wreck, and she unravels over the course of the story.  Vivien Leigh played the role in the 1951 movie, nabbing an Oscar for Best Actress.  Since the tale is set in New Orleans, this makes the name Southern as well as French, a blend that could appeal to modern parents.
  • A second Southern belle may be keeping Blanche in style limbo.  From 1985 through 1992, we all tuned in to watch the exploits of The Golden GirlsRetirees Rose, Dorothy and Sophia, all moved in with Blanche Devereaux.  (That’s pretty close to the French queen’s name.)  Blanche was flirtatious and charming, and even though all of the women were in their golden years, it was easy to envy their Miami lifestyle.

It was a Top 100 pick from 1880 into 1919, and real life Blanches were a bold bunch.

  • Blanche Stuart Scott may have been the first American woman to fly an airplane solo, and became the first female test pilot in the US.  Only Blanche answered to Betty.
  • There’s also Blanche Leathers, the first woman to captain a steamboat on the Mississippi, back in the late nineteenth century.
  • Blanche Calloway was Cab Calloway’s big sis, an established jazz singer before her brother got his start.
  • Blanche Bates was a successful stage actress in the earliest years of the twentieth century.

All of this could – should – make her a candidate for a comeback, especially considering our affection for French names and shorter appellations.  But so far, she’s stuck in style limbo.  She last appeared in the US Top 1000 back in 1964.  Just six girls were given the name in 2011.

Still, if you’re after a rare, retro choice that is nickname-proof and bold while still retaining a feminine sensibility, Blanche might make for pleasing possibility.  Or not.  But something tells me that Blanche will be back – eventually.

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  1. I love Blanche, and I love the Golden Girls! Also WinterFawnCash Blanche gives her middle name twice, once it’s Blanche Marie Devereaux and the other time it’s Blanche Elizabeth Devereaux, which makes her initials B.E.D.

  2. I have heard of the names: Snopdrop, Eirlys, Gwyneira, Eirawen, Aouregan, Auregan, Gwenaëlle, Gwenlowen, Gwenlaouen, Guenlouen for white flower ,white snow \, white fair and blessed, but then I came across Blanchefleur on British babu names. I think if Blanche is to harsh and boring by itself ( which was my opinion), Blanchefleur would be an interesting mix, especially with all these floral names becoming soo popular. It wouldn’t be much different than petal. blossom, flower, fleur and fleurette, except now it has that wonder pure feel to it. I think blanche makes a wonderful middle name, it helps complete a name, where as in the first slot it sounds complete and needs nothing else. Maybe, I have this feeling from the Golden girls, Blanche always says. ” Well, I’m Blanche Deveraux, darling.” She never says a middle name that I can remember, so I just sounds complete.

  3. Meh. Even though I love The Golden Girls, all of the ladies’ names on the show will forever be “old lady” names to me. 🙁

  4. I like Blanche a lot. Also Blanca and Bianca. It’s not one of my favorite names, but I just like it. It’s not really common but everyone has heard of it, can figure out how to spell and say it, etc. I just like it for some reason. And to me it has a very different feel from Blanca or Bianca, even though they are basically the same name. I think for how a combination sounds Blanche actually works better in the first name slot. I just think it’s a bit odd to put it in the middle, sound-wise. Margaret Blanche vs Blanche Margaret. Maybe that’s just me.

  5. I disagree!! I think that the Golden Girls makes the name Blanche that much more usable. If I had a Blanche half as funny and sassy as Blanche Deveraux, I’d be thrilled! I like other southern names a little better, like Magnolia and Dixie, but Blanche is definitely a pretty, interesting choice.

    1. Now that’s a great point, Sarah! Blanche D. was an appealing character, nevermind that she was 60-something, not 16.

  6. My great-grandma was named Sarah Blanche and I’ve thought that combo is quite striking. I’m not sure I’d use it as a first name, really like it as an unexpected & old-fashioned middle name.

    Miranda Blanche
    Lydia Blanche
    Zoe Blanche

  7. Thank you for featuring Blanche! I never thought of using the name, even though I loved my great grandma Blanche, until I saw a funny episode of Modern Family. Cameron, while searching for a lost dog, is reminded of A Streetcar Named Desire (he’s yelling the name Stella). Then he runs into a little girl named Blanche. There’s a 4-year old Frances in my neighborhood. I think a little Blanche would be a great friend for a little Frances!