spring girl namesSpring girl names strike a cheerful, optimistic note. They signal sunnier days ahead, complete with blue skies and blooming flowers.

No surprise that many of these baby girl names are drawn from nature. Others are borrowed from ancient goddesses or straight-up vocabulary words.

If you’re expecting a daughter from late March through early June, one of these spring baby names might be the perfect seasonal pick.

Your daughter doesn’t have to arrive on a beautiful spring day to choose these lovely names, of course. Spring is a season, but it’s also a hopeful, optimistic time – qualities that can appeal year-round.



March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb. And lamb? That’s one of the meaning of Agnes. This overlooked vintage gem originally meant “pure,” but we associate it with the Latin word agnus – lamb.


Long and romantic, many hear Anastasia and think of the doomed princess – or the animated version of her story, where she lives happily ever after. But the name means resurrection, a theme that’s just right for spring-inspired names.


Anthea means blossom, from the Greek word antha, for flower. In mythology, it’s associated with the goddess Hera, sometimes Aphrodite, and also used as a name for a goddess fo flowers.


A vibrant Hebrew name, Aviva translates to spring.


The French word for April, Avril picks up on the stylish ‘v’ sound of Ava and Evelyn.


Why be content with one flower name when you can have the whole garden?


The Roman goddess of agriculture and fertility, pronounced like the word “series.” Her festival, celebrated in late April, was called Cerelia, a celebration of the bounty of the season. The English word cereal ultimately comes from the goddess.


Because Chloe means young green shoot, it’s perfect for a daughter born in springtime. It’s also a mainstream favorite, recently in the Top Ten and in the Top 100 since 1998.


A rising favorite, along with lots of other -ora choices, Cora belongs with spring girl names because it’s another name for the Greek goddess Persephone, who brings the seasons.


In Greek mythology, Demeter is the counterpart to Ceres. Demeter is the mother of Persephone, who brings the seasons. (In Roman myth, her daughter is called Proserpina.)


Birthstone for the month of May, every bit as glittering as Top 100 favorite Ruby.


A Roman goddess of flowers, and a name that instantly brings to mind all things green and growing.


The French word for flower.


The Italian word for jewel, Gemma makes this list because of Gemini – the Zodiac sign for those born between May 21st and June 20th, as spring turns to summer. Earlier in the season, the corresponding signs are Aries (the ram) and Taurus (the bull.) It’s a little bit of a stretch to take Gemma from Gemini, but it’s close.


Hyacinth flowers are associated with spring. They’re popular decorations during Persian New Year festitivies, celebrated at the Spring Equinox. And TS Eliot’s The Waste Land refers to “the hyacinth girl” in springtime.


One of many flowers that blooms in the spring, Iris also makes this list because it’s the name of Roman goddess of the rainbow. While rainbows aren’t exclusive to the season, all that rain makes them a regular occurrence.


We may not meet many girls named Hyacinth, but Jacinta, Jacinda, and Giacinta are romance language forms of the name that could be the perfect, unexpected spring names for girls.


A gentle, spring-into-summer month name, June feels vintage and right at home in the twenty-first century, too.


A beloved flower name, with countless variations and formal forms, Lily’s long association with Easter puts it on this list of spring girl names.


The merry month is called May, but we tend to spell the given name Mae. It can sometimes be short for Mary or Margaret, but these days Mae tends to stand on its own. It’s a bright sound packed into just three letters.


Combined with the spelling Maya, this name feels effortlessly international and cross-cultural. But it makes this list because Maia was a Roman goddess of spring.


Catholic families probably know that May is devoted to Mary. That’s because May has long been associated with seasonal celebrations, pre-dating Christianity. Think of maypoles and crowning the May Queen – though many parishes now crown their statues of Mary instead. It’s a spiritually significant choice for a daughter born in springtime.


Meadows exist in all seasons, of course, but there’s something about a meadow filled with wildflowers in the spring that feels especially hopeful.


The feminine form of Pascal, which comes from the Latin pascha – Easter. The Latin word, in turn, is derived from the Hebrew pesach – Passover. It’s a name that touches on both of the major springtime religious observances.


In Greek myth, Persephone spends half her time on earth, with her earth goddess mother Demeter, and half in the the Underworld, with husband Hades. When she returns to the land of the living, Persephone brings spring.


Literally “first rose” – from the Latin phrase prima rosa, Primrose blooms early in the springtime. Plenty of flowers provide seasonal naming inspiration, but Primrose comes first.


The Japanese word for cherry blossoms, a richly symbolic tree. In Washington DC, thousands of cherry trees were planted along the Potomac in 1910, a gift from Japan. The Cherry Blossom Festival takes place there every year in late March and early April, as the trees reach “peak bloom.”


Autumn, Summer, and Winter all feel perfectly wearable for our daughters. While we’ve neglected Spring, it’s not completely unknown. Oscar-nominated actor Spring Byington is one famous figure.


Like Lily, Tulip is a flower closely associated with the season. And yet, we rarely meet girls with this distinctive flower name. (Fun fact: tulip comes from a Turkish name meaning “turban,” because of the resemblance to the flower.)


Vail, Colorado is a ski town. But Vale is a poetic word meaning valley. And a green valley is as lovely a spring image as a meadow full of wildflowers.


The Romanian word for a bluebell flower, Viorica sounds a little like favorites Victoria and Violet, but is far more rare.

What are your favorite spring girl names?

First published on March 2, 2021, this post was substantially revised and re-posted on March 16, 2023.

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