Sunday SummaryYou know how everyone is Irish on Saint Patrick’s Day?  Sometime around the 1970s or so, everyone turned Irish when it came to baby naming.  Enter a generation of boys called Brian and Ryan, followed by Liam and Aidan and so on. Could Hawaiian names be the new Irish names?  I know plenty of people with kids called Kai who have never set foot on the islands, and now girls’ names, like Leilani, seem to be getting attention.  Last month, the latest Jersey Shore alum to start a family mentioned that she has Meilani on her short list.

Elsewhere online:

  • Oh, innovation in baby names for boys continues!  Here’s a Huckston, another way to get to Huck.  And Behrwhich feels like a surname spin on Bear, and very wearable.
  • An early sign of Madison’s future world domination?
  • An exhaustive list of short nature names.  Thyme, Vale, Day – some unusual thoughts here, and possible great ideas for a sparky middle name.
  • This is interesting – did you notice that the Archduchess Michaela was sometimes referred to as Michael?  Years ago, I heard that there were historical eras when girls were christened with masculine saints’ names, but referred to by the feminine form in common use, but I’ve never taken the time to dig into the possibility.
  • Happy second blog birthday to Ebony!
  • Wise words from Duana on what to do when your favorite names are everybody else’s favorite names, too.
  • What do you think of Hortense?
  • A laugh, courtesy of Clare’s ever informative page!
  • It’s Bonds Baby Search time again, a.k.a., name nerd heaven.  Loving Bonnie Lou, Dante Jacques, Elsie Hannah, Cleopatra Jean, Jasper, Banjo (hey, this is Australia!), Arietta, Ari, Ned, Daphne, Beau William …. nevermind, just go look for yourself.

And, of course, if you have not yet voted in the opening rounds of March Madness, run – don’t walk!  The boys’ round is here, and the girls’ round is here.

That’s all for this week.  As always, wishing you the most wonderful of weeks ahead!  Be sure to stop by Nameberry to check out tomorrow’s Nameberry Nine, and check back on Saturday for the next round of March Madness!

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  1. I have been spending way too much time on Bond’s Baby Search. So many great names.

    Thanks for the mention!

    Have a great week!