Thanks to all for voting!  This round is now closed.  You can see the results below.

What are your favorite names for girls?

Wait – what are your favorite names for girls that have been featured here as Baby Names of the Day?

That’s right!  It’s time for the opening round of March Madness for the girls’ names!

If you’re looking for details on how the contest works – and which names have won in years past – read this post.  One change you’ll note from past years: previous winners are not retired.  They’ll have the opportunity to defend their title – if they qualify for the competition.

Not detail-oriented?  Just move on to the fun here, and vote for your favorite in each of the match-ups below.

Voting will close the morning of Friday, March 7th, and the next round will be posted on Saturday, March 8th.

The first girls’ match up of 2014 is two names that feel at home in a fairytale: Eowyn against Milla

Two français possibilities compete: newcomer Elodie versus the more established Margot

The elaborate romantics face off: Greek Persephone versus Germanic Lorelei

Two names with great meanings match up, the peace-filled Mira against the voyager Beatrix

The Americana Clementine or the international import Soraya

A stunning botanical or a lovely musical term: Iris versus Selah

The elaborate Emmanuelle faces the spare Wren

Short and sweet up-and-comers match up: Downton’s Cora versus the exotic Aya

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What do you think?


  1. This is a challenging set of choices!

    I have a Clementine who might have been a Cora or an Emmanuelle. I love Beatrix and Margot too.

  2. I’m so stoked that my daughter’s name, Selah (say-LA), is actually on a list and in a competition like this even if she is losing.

  3. I have a little Clementine (dd3) and I have a friend called Suraya! Beatrix was almost Clementine’s mn, but lost out at the final hurdle to Victoria. Margot was also short listed for Clem’s mn and is definitely one I would consider on the future, in the top spot or as mn, as an ode to an much-loved elderly Margaret who passed away. Margaret is also my Mum’s mn. My friend has a 4yo Elodie Hope (swoon) so that was a toughie 🙂

  4. I fell in love with Soraya after seeing it in a baby book when pregnant with our first daughter… until I suggested it to my husband and he said “Like psoriasis?” RUINED.

  5. Yay! I love me some March Madness. I’m hoping Lorelei and Iris make it to the final round. They’re both names I love, but don’t want to selfishly hoard for myself 😉

  6. Mira vs Beatrix was a toughie! Thanks for putting this together. It’s always so exciting!