Arrow baby names If you’re a fan of a television series, there’s a good chance you might consider a baby name inspired by the characters. But some shows seem to have an impact that goes well beyond the series. That’s why we’re talking about Arrow baby names today.

In brief, billionaire Oliver Queen transforms from carefree playboy to crime-fighting vigilante following a life-changing experience. DC Comics called him Green Arrow. The CW’s hit series drops the color, and is just plain Arrow instead.

The series debuted in 2012, and a sixth season premiered in October 2017.

During those five years, Arrow baby names have soared.

Let’s take a look at a few of the names fans (and those who have never seen an episode) have embraced.

Arrow Baby Names: Oliver

US popularity rank in 2012: #73
US popularity rank in 2016: #12

Long before the world met our hero, Oliver was on the rise. Parents love it as a traditional choice long overlooked. But adding a dash of fighting for right can’t hurt. Besides the Arrow character, Oliver brings to mind Dickens’ orphaned Twist, controversial eighteenth century English politician Cromwell, and, if you’re of the right age, Cousin Oliver of The Brady Bunch’s final season. Today, it’s more popular in the US ever before. Some credit to Arrow, maybe?

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Arrow Baby Names: Rory

US popularity rank in 2012: #418
US popularity rank in 2016: #387

Television gave us one memorable Rory – the youngest of The Gilmore Girls. But this name remains a stylish pick for a son, thanks in part to sci fi and comic book characters. There’s Doctor Who’s Rory, as well as Arrow’s Rory Regan, another vigilante-turned-hero. As a name, Rory has experienced more ups-and-downs than many – though it remains near its peak popularity today.

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Arrow Baby Names: Tobias

US popularity rank in 2012: #512
US popularity rank in 2016: #246

Tobias Church played the villain on Arrow, a ruthless bad guy from Season 5. Also known as Charon, our heroes ultimately defeated him. But in our age of Kylo and Anakin, parents are more willing to use bad guy names than ever before. Plus, Tobias appears as a hero in the Book of Tobit. The story spread during the Middle Ages, and parents sometimes used the name. It picked up in use post-Reformation, and you can find plenty of notable men called Tobias over the years.

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Arrow Baby Names: Alena

US popularity rank in 2012: #741
US popularity rank in 2016: #636

Not every Arrow hero wields a weapon – at least not in the conventional sense. Alena joins the group in Season 5, a skilled computer hacker. Like so many names from the series, Alena had gained in use well before we met the character – plus this character didn’t arrive until late 2016. There’s also Alina, which has gone from #270 to #178 since the series debuted. It will be worth checking on this one in another year or two to see if the Arrow hacktivist truly inspires parents.

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Arrow Baby Names: Evelyn

US popularity rank in 2012: #27
US popularity rank in 2016: #12

Evelyn has a rocky relationship with Oliver and friends. She answered to Artemis at one point, a fitting name for an alter ego in the Arrowverse. It’s one of several pop culture references that make this early twentieth century favorite feel every bit as at-home in the early twenty-first.

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Arrow Baby Names: Felicity

US popularity rank in 2012: #652
US popularity rank in 2016: #356

Felicity feels vintage and pretty, a delicate name. And yet, many of our favorite Felicitys are anything but breakable. There’s Felicity Jones, the actor who played Star Wars hero Jyn Erso. The 90s television version of Felicity included a young Keri Russell as a Felicity following her own dreams in the big city. As for the Arrow take on the name, Felicity Smoak is a computer genius and invaluable asset to the team. Because the character has been with the series since Day One, Arrow claims credit for at least some of that rise in popularity.

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Arrow Baby Names: Laurel

Laurel: Baby Name of the DayUS popularity rank in 2012: #973
US popularity rank in 2016: #643

Laurel seems like a gentle nature name, but it’s also the symbol of victory. It rose in the mid-twentieth century, along with many of the Laura names. But today, it fits right in with other botanically-inspired baby name choices. Arrow deserves credit for much of this name’s resurgence, too. Laurel Lance serves as an assistant district attorney by day, and the crime-fighting Black Canary after hours.

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Arrow Baby Names: Thea

US popularity rank in 2012: unranked
US popularity rank in 2016: #290

If the series clearly launched any name, perhaps it is Thea. Unranked when the show began, Thea Queen is half-sister to Oliver. She started out a spoiled little sister, but eventually became a capable ally to the team. As for the name, some credit for Thea’s popularity goes to the rise of Theodore and shared sounds with favorites like Leah and Mia. But Thea returned to the US Top 1000 after five decades’ absence, and is now at its most popular peak ever. That suggests that the Arrowverse gets credit for this one, too.

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Arrow Baby Names: Arrow

Arrow: Baby Name of the DayUS popularity rank in 2012: unranked
US popularity rank in 2016: unranked

If there’s any name to watch, perhaps it’s the title of the series itself. While Arrow remains outside of the current US Top 1000, we hear it more and more. It fits with weapons-inspired baby names. But there’s also a modern virtue vibe to this name. Arrows fly true, and hit their mark. That makes it a powerful choice for a television series about a superhero, but maybe it also wears beautifully for a son or a daughter born today.

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Arrow Baby Names: More Favorites

Overall, Arrow’s writers seem to have a knack for picking up on name trends. Plenty of these choices would have risen without the superhero series. And while Arrow remains popular, it’s not quite Game of Thrones. Still, I’ll be watching the names data to see if choices like Dinah, Artemis, and Nyssa appear in the charts in the coming years.

And, of course, it’s worth watching the name Arrow, too.

Are you a fan of the series? Are there characters that I’ve missed? What are your favorite Arrow-inspired baby names?

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