Getting to Evie: Fetching Names

by appellationmountain on August 10, 2012

actress Evie Greene actress Evie Greene (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the most popular sounds in girls’ names today is Evie.  The name Evie isn’t huge in the US – she ranked just #644 in 2012.  The British are far more likely to pen Evie on a birth certificate – she’s been a Top Ten choice in England for the last few years, a sister for Alfie and Charlie.

If you’d prefer something more formal for the birth certificate, never fear.  There are dozens of ways to get to this attractive, vintage short form, and parents are in love with many of them.

Possibilities extend beyond this list, of course.  Turn-of-the-century actress Evie Greene – she starred in the smash hit musical Florodora - was born Edith Elizabeth.

The Straightforward Choices:  Want an obvious formal version?  Use the Biblical Eve or the Latinate Eva.  Depending on your perspective, they’re either attractive, compact choices like Mae and Mia, or not substantial enough to warrant a short form.

The Vintage Revivals:  There’s a list of names that drip with lace and pearls, gentle, lady-like appellations from a time gone by.  Evelyn is the most popular of this bunch, followed by Evangeline and Evelina, plus variations on all three: Evalyn, Evaline.  The variants straddle the line between Vintage Revival and the next category.

Modern Reinventions: There are names that feel legitimate, but have no real history of use.  They might be family names or attempts to femininize a masculine moniker.  They’re not truly nouveau, but neither are they traditional.  Think of Evanna, Evania, Evanie, and Evonne.  Evanie, in particular, has rafts of spellings: Evany, Eveny, Evonie, and on and on.

Imported Obscurities: While these names have roots, they’re not well known in English.  The Greek Evadne or Evanthe, the Turkish Evren, the Hebrew Elisheva, the Spanish Elvira, Evita, and Evelia.

Borrowed from the Boys: So popular is the sound that even some conventionally masculine names feel wearable for a daughter.  Evan and Everett are the two most obvious ones, though respellings abound.  Everette and Evyn probably belong in the Modern Reinventions category.

The Buried Ev: A long list of names could possibly lead to Evie, but they start with a letter other than E.

Modern Noun Names: Straight from the dictionary, there’s modern virtue name Ever, a name sometimes linked to the Irish Éber.  Another intriguing possibility?  Evening, a little bit darker and more daring than Twila.

21st Century Innovations: Many of the most appealing appellations are modern monikers, names almost entirely unheard of as given names until recent years.

  • Evalie
  • Evalise, Evalyse
  • Evaluna
  • Evely
  • Everly, Everlie, Everleigh
  • Evolet

Have I missed any of your favorites?  If you were going to use the nickname Evie, would you use a formal name?

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