Winter Holiday baby namesWinter holiday baby names range from the straight-up Christmas-y (think Holly or Nicholas) to the subtle nature names that nod to the season.

Why use a seasonally-inspired choice? Maybe you’ve got a great first, but want a middle that celebrates the season of your child’s birth. (I still wish I’d thought to use Frost for my December-born son’s middle!) Or maybe you’re stuck for any ideas at all, in which case this list makes a great jumping off point. While not every Natalie or Jasper was born during the winter holidays, it might be extra-meaningful if that’s the case for your family.

This list of lists rounds up some of the best winter holiday baby names you can find anywhere.

Winter Holiday Baby Names: Inspired by Christmas

The biggest list of names belongs to Christmas, from the spiritual to the pop culture-generated.

Winter Holiday Baby Names: Inspired by Hanukkah

Beyond Christmas, December is also the month for Hanukkah. Name options abound!

Winter Holiday Baby Names: Inspired by Kwanzaa

Some amazing names come from the principles of Kwanzaa, too.

Winter Holiday Baby Names: Around the World

Of course, Christmas and Hanukkah are celebrated world-wide. I’ve barely scratched the surface of international winter holiday baby names.

Winter Holiday Baby Names: Inspired by Nature

Nature names are big, so why not names inspired by the natural world during the winter season?

Winter Holiday Baby Names: Some Favorites

I’ve written about countless baby names with a winter holiday tie-in over the past ten years. Here’s a sample:

Now it’s your turn: what are your favorite winter holiday baby names?

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  1. Wow, so many great lists – I do love Aubin!

    I don’t know which category it best fits into, but I’ve recently posted a round-up of names from alternative winter holidays (from history, fantasy, and around the world) on my new name blog. Here’s the link:

    I’d love it if you or any of your wonderful readers could come on over and give me a bit of feedback. Happy Christmas one and all!

    1. A great list Katinka! I especially love Epiphany, I would use that in a heartbeat if I had a Christmas girl.