Classic Firsts with Winter Middles: Master ListMerry Christmas!

If you’re celebrating, I wish you a happy holiday. And whether you’re making merry or not, I offer up seasonal #namegames!

Let’s mash up classic firsts with winter middles. I posted a first take at the girls’ list earlier this month. But the boys’ list is brand new.

Classic Firsts with Winter Middles: The Rules

Here’s the challenge: take a classic girl’s name and add a winter-inspired middle. It can subtle or obvious, mainstream or a little out-there.

For inspiration, use these lists:

Classic Firsts with Winter Middles: The Girls

Classic Firsts with Winter Middles: Girls

I’ll start with my list.

Alice Evergreen
Anna Valentine
Caroline Frost
Charlotte Janvier
Claire Holiday
Eleanor Ivy
Elizabeth Lumi
Emily Cadeau
Frances Neve
Helen Ruby
Jane Holly
Katherine Bright
Laura Garnet
Leah Silver
Louisa Winter
Margaret Jovie
Mary Bianca
Rebecca Amaryllis
Ruth Emmanuelle
Sophia Pine
Victoria Clarice

Classic Firsts with Winter Middles: The Boys

Classic Firsts with Winter Middles: BoysAnd here are my picks for the boys:

Alexander North
Anthony Garnet
Daniel Paxton
David Garland
Edward Yule
Frederick Jasper
George Balthasar
Henry Alban
James Navidad
Joseph January
Louis Evergreen
Luke Garland
Matthew Frost
Nathaniel Clement
Nicholas Spruce
Patrick Drummer
Peter Cypress
Robert Hollis
Simon Whitaker
Theodore Tannen
Thomas Shepherd
William Winter
Vincent King

I could do this for ages, but it’s more fun if we all play together. So now it’s your turn! What are your favorite classic firsts paired with winter middles? They can refer to the holidays or the season more broadly, be as mainstream as Holly or as obscure as Cypress.

Please share your favorites!

And if you’re celebrating today, wishing you the happiest of holidays to you and yours.

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  1. Julia Belen
    Claire Noelle
    Anna Gwendolyn
    Margaret Fiona
    Charlotte Emmanuelle
    Sophia Neve
    Katherine Ivy
    Emily Aspen

  2. I quite like Madeleine Icicle. It was a great idea for a winter name game! Thank you, as always, Abby, and I hope you had a great Christmas!

  3. Girls
    Ann Crescentia
    Louise Evangelina
    Margaret Faithful

    Charles Melchior
    Henry Salvation
    Wilfred Noel

  4. I’m partial to Frances Cypress, as it’s my daughter’s name :). I’m curious so if you don’t mind explaining, what makes Cypress a winter name?

    1. What a lovely name, Kat! Cypress is a winter name only in the sense that it’s an evergreen. (Or many cypresses are evergreens – some are not.) And at least one variety is often used as a Christmas tree in the American southeast. So while it’s not my first thought with a cypress, I do think it works as a winter name. But it’s just plain lovely, isn’t it?

  5. I have a little cousin who goes by her middle name Sn0w. Her first name? Kathl3en. I love her name as well as her little sister, P!per Ra!n. She goes by her first name, though.

  6. Alexandra Epiphany
    Charlotte Noelle

    James Jasper (ref 3 wise men)
    Henry Comet (or Star? I prefer Comet)

    I have been wondering if Altar would be a good middle with meaning?

    Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year!