Henry Danger baby namesWhat are Henry Danger baby names?

First up: Henry Danger is a Nickelodeon comedy about a teenage boy named Henry Hart in the fictional town of Swellview. He goes looking for a part-time job and finds himself employed as Kid Danger, a sidekick to local superhero Captain Man. Henry + Danger = Henry Danger, the name of the show.

Jace Norman played the hero-in-training for five seasons and still cameos in the spin-off, Danger Force.

Because Kid Danger is a secret identity, you won’t hear the character called Henry Danger.

But the show title sounds like a given name, first + middle. After all, plenty of parents have used the middle name Danger for their children, so that years from now they can quip “Danger is my middle name.” That’s an old-school construction, by the way. A little bit of searching suggests that it dates to 1909, at least, when a character in this book insisted “porpoise is my middle name.”

The more you hear “Henry Danger,” the more it starts to sound like a winning combination.

So that got me thinking … what are some other Henry Danger baby names?

Henry Danger Baby Names: The Rules

To make a Henry Danger baby name combination, take one impeccable classic boy name. Now pair a bold, unconventional word name as the middle. Need inspiration?

Henry Danger Baby Names: My List

Alexander Frost – If I’d thought about it before my Alex was born on a snowy December night, this might have been his name.

Anthony Blaze – Blaise is saintly, but Blaze belongs with Henry Danger baby names.

Arthur Valor – Emile Hirsch named his son Valor, but I think I like it better as a middle.

Charles Ranger – Ranger doesn’t seem too crazy to me, but I think it fits.

Christopher Brave – I almost used Bravery, but I think Brave balances better with four-syllable Christopher.

David Sunrise – Sunrise isn’t quite in same category as Dagger or Rocket, but it’s undeniably bold.

Frederick Vow – True is the obvious bold middle, but Vow is even less expected … and so even edgier.

James Dagger – Too much? James is such a classic that I think it can support nearly any middle, even one this intense.

John Domino – On the rare occasion we hear Domino, it’s almost always for girls. But I love the sound paired with everyguy name John.

Joseph Knight – From the Middle Ages to Jedis, this middle feels bold and virtuous, too.

Louis Marvel – Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz just named his daughter Marvel; the newest member of the British royal family is Prince Louis. Why not put the two together?

Luke Endeavour – Endeavor is the American spelling; Endeavour comes from the long-running British television character Inspector Morse.

Matthew Rocket – When Pharrell finally explained his son’s bold name, Rocket, it suddenly started to feel like a modern virtue name.

Michael Mars – Bruno Mars’ stage name comes from the god of war, but the singer has softened the name’s edge just slightly – and added an extra sheen of cool.

Nicholas Sabre – Does the ‘s’ of Nicholas blend with the ‘s’ of Sabre too much? Or is it exactly right?

Patrick Dodge – Fun fact about Dodge: it comes from Roger. But today it feels like a mix of truck name and Dickens’ Artful Dodger, with a dose of legendary sports team thrown in, too.

Robert Rook – I’m a sucker for alliteration, and bird names? Love those, too. Rook refers to a type of crow, a chess piece, and also to swindle – the last inspired by the bird. But I think it’s still a great choice, at least in the middle spot.

Theodore Vega – Vega is the name of a star, borrowed from the Arabic word meaning eagle. It’s bold and dramatic, and while it’s not as obvious as Thunder or Rocket, I think it fits with Henry Danger baby names.

Thomas Thunder – Now that Chris Hemsworth’s version of Thor is a household name, maybe Thor feels less dramatic. But Thunder, as in the god of? That still seems appropriately big.

William Swift – Swift refers to a bird, but also to speed. I love the subtle way the W of William is repeated in the sound of Swift.

Henry Danger Baby Names: More Middles to Consider

These are all names I brainstormed as possible daring middles, but couldn’t quite match up with a classic first.

  1. Ace
  2. Bear
  3. Blade
  4. Bridge, Bridger
  5. Bright
  6. Chosen
  7. Edge
  8. Everest
  9. Free, Freedom
  10. Golden
  11. Hale
  12. Hawk
  13. Lake
  14. Lock, Locke, Loch
  15. March
  16. Sabre
  17. Strong
  18. Ridge
  19. Tide
  20. Timber
  21. Trail
  22. Wolf

Henry Danger Baby Names: Your Turn!

Now let’s hear your best Henry Danger baby names: one classic first name + one staggeringly bold  middle! Choose from the lists I’ve provided, or brainstorm your best ideas.

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  1. My son is Powers Ivan, so danger is his first name but also harkens to “danger is my middle name” Austin Powers jokes.

  2. It’s maybe not quite as bold, but we’re considering Samuel Hawthorne for our little guy due this fall!

  3. Funnily enough, I know someone with one of the combos you suggested, Abby.
    In his case, though, it’s 1st + last names. I’m not sure what his middle name is (or even whether he has one).