Time for the new boy names 2024!

Every May, on the Friday before Mother’s Day, the Social Security Administration releases a list of the 1,000 most popular boy names and 1,000 most popular girl names in the United States for the prior calendar year.

Inevitably, that list changes year to year. Some names fall off, tumbling into obscurity. Other names rise into the rankings for the very first time ever, or return following a long absence. And some names hover on the very edge of the Top 1,000 for ages – in one year, then out the next.

The fun part? It’s those returns and debuts.

This year 38 boys’ names appear in the US Top 1000 that did not rank the prior calendar year.

Here’s how that compares to previous years:

And now, the names!

Abner #997

Old school Old Testament name with a powerful meaning: “my father is light.”

Boaz #958

Another Biblical boy, this time with a very current sound and built-in nickname Bo.

Carl #961

The German form of Charles, plenty traditional but out of favor in recent years.

Chozen #813

Spiritual name Chosen has been trending in recent years, debuting in the US Top 1000 for calendar year 2022. Chozen is a spelling tweak, but it’s something more, too. It’s a character name from the Karate Kid universe, recently re-introduced in Cobra Kai. Rapper NLE Choppa emphasized the name’s bonus, spelling his son’s name ChoZen in 2023. Swapping the S for a Z adds in another trending name: the equally meaning-rich Zen.

Deandre #963

Modern invention with De added to Andre. This 90s hit is technically new to the US for calendar year 2023, but truly, it had only left for one year.

Dereck #834

There are at least half-a-dozen ways to spell former favorite Derek. This one charts now thanks to the NBA’s Dereck Lively, currently with the Dallas Mavericks.

Eiden #890

The Spanish form of Aiden, and possibly a cousin to rising unisex favorite Eden.

Eliezer #987

An Old Testament name with an appealing sound, and a strong meaning: “my God is help.”

Ephraim #992

Another old school Biblical boy with a current sound.

Foster #967

Surname name Foster is also a verb. It suggests care and nurturing, fostering growth and good things. One drawback: the image of a foster child suggests suffering.

Hollis #1000

We love a good S-ending choice, and with Miles and Brooks in the Top 100, nature-adjacent Hollis feels like an obvious next choice.

Izael #806

Most likely a variation of the Old Testament Azael, meaning “God sees,” Izael – and Isael – are trending in Brazil. Now they’re catching on in the US, too, combining the best of Ezra and Gabriel.

Izan #876

A Spanish-language take on Ethan.

Jabari #922

In Arabic, the surname Jabbar means powerful or almighty; it’s associated with Allah. (Think of the name basketball star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar chose for himself on his conversion to Islam.) Jabari is a Swahili take on Jabbar, first popular in the 1970s as African-American parents sought heritage choices.

Jahmir #809

Likely a take on trending Jamir. Jahmir looks both Eastern European and African American, a twist on Jamar or Jaromir.

Jasiel #932

Another Old Testament rarity, meaning “God is my maker.” Yasiel, too, is trending.

Jesiah #865

Jesse meets Josiah.

Jireh #848

This might be familiar if you know your Book of Genesis. It’s part of a place name, Jehovah-jireh, meaning “God will provide,” or possibly “God sees.”

Karsyn #983

Carson with all the bells and whistles. This name currently ranks in the girls’ Top 1000 and has previously appeared on the boys’ list, too.

Kenai #959

A place name borrowed from Alaska, Kenai might be familiar to fans of Disney’s 2003 movie Brother Bear.

Kody #995

The K spelling of Cody has charted in the US Top 1000 for boys many a recent year. It left briefly in 2022, but is back now.

Kole #978

Like several names on this list, Kole is technically a returning name – but the K version of Cole was gone for just a single year.

Kyaire #867

A true debut, Kyaire is a mix of celebrity baby name Aire, spiritually significant Kyrie, and trending Zyaire.

Kyren #940

A slimmed-down spelling of Kieran, or inspired by the NFL’s Kyren Williams, and possibly some of both.

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Lucien #923

Damian and Damien both chart. So do Julian and Julien. Adding Lucien to the US Top 1000, just like the more familiar Lucian, makes sense.

Mael #979

An early medieval name, Mael means prince. Though it’s also easy to imagine Mael coming from longer names like Ismael. With Gael charting in the US Top 100, Mael logically follows.

Massimo #842

Another romance language on the rise, this time the Italian form of Maximus.

Matheo #870

One more Mat- name, this one an alternate spelling for new Top Ten choice Mateo.

Mikael #989

An update to Michael.

Palmer #942

A surname name popular for girls, now quietly rising for boys, too.

Rishi #968

A name with Sanskrit roots meaning poet.

Semaj #902

James spelled backwards, Semaj debuted in the US Top 1000 back in 1999. It’s been gone for a few years, but as those early Semajes make their mark in sports and other fields, Semaj is enjoying a rediscovery.

True #980

Tru debuted last year; now True has followed.

Ulises #994

The Spanish language version of Ulysses.

Veer #981

In English, to veer is to swerve. It has multiple other possible origins and meanings, too. In Sanskrit, it means brave – likely fueling the name’s current rise.

Wren #991

Popular bird name for girls, now soaring for our sons, too.

Yaakov #966

The Hebrew form of Jacob.

Yadiel #932

Jadiel has ranked in the US Top 1000 since 2008, likely a simplified spelling of Old Testament names like Jediael. Now Yadiel, too, ranks in the Top 1000.

There you have it! Plenty of interesting finds, from classic revivals to rarities that could catch on.

Do you have any favorite new boy names from this list?

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