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The boys’ round was posted earlier today and voting is still open. Now it is time for the Opening Round of March Madness 2012, Girls’ Edition!

Last year the enduring and literary Louisa walked off with top honors. If the classics hold on, there are a few contenders on this list. But at least one name wasn’t even a name until last year.

Can’t wait to see how the Opening Round shakes out … Ready? Vote!

The modern Mila versus the vintage Frances

French Coco versus Swedish Annika

Battle of the Es: Eliza versus Emmeline

Oo or Eu?: Oona versus Eugenie

Cornish innovation Elowen versus classic French Mireille

Showdown between rarities: Sabine versus Pomeline

The regal Adelaide versus the operatic Boheme

Thanks for voting. Polls remain open all week, through Friday, when I’ll tabulate and announce the round of 8 next Saturday!

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What do you think?


  1. I’m in the majority with Annika, Sabine, and Adelaide only. I really wish Oona would win. Seems a long shot.

    1. I believe that this are all names that have already been featured on this site and have been the most popular BNotD blog posts.

      1. Charlotte is correct. The Top Sixteen were determined by adding up two things: total number of page views, plus total number of times the name appeared in search terms. (In most cases, the latter was far less significant than the former.) If you click on the names that appear in blue text, you’ll be able to read the original post.

  2. Gee, I’m with the majority on the girl names, too, although in some cases it is so close it’s crazy.

  3. Once again I’m with the majority, except in the case of Mila vs Frances and Sabine vs Pomeline.

    1. I know a five year old Oona. She is the only Oona I have ever met. I think that people are intrigued by her but not necessarily using her.

    2. Well … so did Pomeline! 🙂 I think it is most popular for THIS site, which is not a good representation of what’s popular in the wider world. So Oona is safe – I think!

    3. I’ve never actually met an Una/Oona, but I have known a few Euna/Eunah’s. The name’s Korean, and is pronounced the same way as Una. I’m not sure why, but when transliterated into English the “oo” sound in Korean is often spelt “eu”. That’s also why I know both male and female Korean Eugene’s: because Eu Jin / Oo Jin is a Korean name used for both girls and boys.