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It’s official. The trophies go to Louisa and Nathaniel!

In the final round of play, Louisa bested Elodie, 229 to 140 votes, or 62%.

The boys’ round was more interesting. Nathaniel, you’ll recall, was wrongly ousted in the Semi-Finals. He was returned for the Finals, leaving us with a three-way contest.

And wouldn’t you know it? Nathaniel came out on top, with 157 votes, or 43% of the total. Archer was in second with 115, or 32%. Finn finished up in third with 92 votes, or 25%.

Very few of the names profiled here rank in the US Top 100, but the winner of March Madness for the boys came in at #76 in 2009. In fact, he’s been in the Top 100 since 1978, making him something of a staple.

Louisa is less surprising as a favorite. She left the US rankings after 1969 and has yet to return. But with her fashionable first letter and her oo sound, she’s definitely on trend.

Thanks for playing! And what do you think of the outcome?

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What do you think?


  1. Just the two I’d voted for! I do like Louisa quite a bit. My late Mother’s name was Louise, and I’ve always liked that up front, but many people on naming boards tell me it is too ‘old’ (though that’s not necessarily the case in Europe).

    Louisa sounds a lot more fresh to most, it seems.