March Madness 2012: Boys’ Opening Round


Basketball by ryan_fung via Flickr

It’s that time of year again! I’ve narrowed down the sixteen most popular names at Appellation Mountain last year, and it is time to vote!

A few notes on the how – the top sixteen include most page views and most searched-for names. All of the 2011 contestants were excluded. (If only because the contest would’ve been very similar!) Nathaniel took the top prize in 2011, and now I’m wondering if something more interesting will triumph in 2012.

These polls remain open until Friday, when I’ll pull the results. The round of eight will take place next week.

And so, vote!

The regal Arthur versus the Ratatouille Remy:

Two appellations with Londontown associations: Camden versus Desmond

Single-syllable show down: Crew versus Rhys

The Irish Declan versus the international Orrin

Folksy Arlo versus prepster Tate

The athletic Nolan versus the intellectual Ezra

The Welsh Emrys versus the Italian Luca

The rising Phoenix versus the rakish Rafferty

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You made me choose between Ezra and Nolan?! Noooo… That was hard. Looks like I’m in the minority for a lot of these. Can’t wait to see the results.

I was surprised that I was in the majority for all but one! The exception was Nolan. This is a recent name crush that sort of sprung up out of nowhere a few weeks ago. 😛

Thank you for giving us our own March Madness. 🙂 I love it!

I appear to be with the majority on everything except for Declan vs Orrin and Luca vs Emrys. I just can’t get behind Declan or Luca (on a non-Italian). Orrin has a much cooler sound than Declan, I think.

Arthur v Remy was the hardest one for me, but I opted for my old fave, Arthur. I also struggled with Declan v Orrin. I’m with the majority (so far) with the exception of Nolan v Ezra and Rafferty v Phoenix.

I’m truly surprised that some of these aren’t closer races at the moment! Apparently I have similar taste to others, because in each case, my vote is with the current majority. My toughest: Orrin vs. Declan. At some point we considered each of those names and I really like both. Easiest choice: Arlo vs. Tate – I absolutely love Arlo and I am definitely not a Tate type – easy peasy. Yay for March Madness (the kind I enjoy)!