Best of Baby Name ListsEarly on in the AppMtn history, I chose to focus on Baby Names of the Day – one name a day, a deep dive into all things related to that name.

But then I got restless, and started writing different posts – usually lists of names around a theme.  They’re all tagged Fetching Names, as in Mean Girls use of the word ‘fetch.’  It hasn’t stuck, but the tag remains, so I went looking through all of them to find the most popular of the posts.

Here are the Top Twelve for the last few months, in order:

12. Chase and Sway: Action Verb Names for Boys

They range from the rugged Track to the spiritual Gather to the preppy Chase.  It’s a new category of names, rare in years past – but potentially big in the future.

11. Single Syllable Names for Boys: A to Z

Dex, Flynn, Gray, Ike, Leif … I like so many single-syllable names for boys.  This is just a short list of my personal A to Z.  But overall, the category is growing.  Could it be because single syllable names read more masculine?

10. Campbell and Collins: The New Unisex Names for Girls

I’ve loved Sloane since the 80s, when Princess Diana was a former Sloane Ranger and Ferris Bueller’s girlfriend wore than amazing fringed leather jacket on their big Day Off.  Add in Sutton, Sawyer, Collins, and Charlie, and you have this post.

9. Lily Names: Lilith, Liliosa, and Liliane

All the lovely Lily names … lately I’m drawn to Liliosa, but there’s no shortage of possibilities.

8. Ooh La La: French Names for Girls

Vivienne, Marguerite, Elodie, Josephine … this list is from way back in July 2008, and it has long been one of the most popular posts here at AppMtn.

7. Prosper, Sage, and Merit: Virtue Names for Boys

Move over, Hope and Grace!  Virtue names aren’t just for girls anymore.  From Emile Hirsch’s Valor to new possibilities like Prosper and Revere, there’s no shortage of names rich with meaning.

6. Coco, Willow, and Marlow: Girls Names Ending with O

One of my favorite baby name lists, and one of my favorite sounds – for boys and girls.  But the girls’ list is the one that has been perennially popular, featuring Coco and Marlow and Cadeau and Isabeau, too.  Oh, and of course, Clio!

5. Twyla, Esther, and Luna: Night Owl Names for Girls

A surprising number of searches for “baby owl names” lead to this post.  Are we really all naming pet owls?  I’m surprised.  And yet, I do really like this list and think it deserves a spot here.  The names are lovely and diverse – Esther and Seren, Galatea and Marama.

4. Ellington, Anniston, Hollis: Surname Names for Girls

Using surname names for girls – especially ones that don’t come from the child’s family tree – can be controversial.  But that hasn’t slowed the popularity of names in this category, and it probably isn’t a sign of the apocalypse.  Madigan and Maguire are probably my favorites on the list.

3. Fresh Three Syallable Names for Girls

Sidonie, Idony, Kateri, Delancey, Betany, Rosemary – there’s something for every style in this eclectic list.

2. Baby Name Predictions for 2014

Crystal-ball gazing, Appellation Mountain style.  Can’t wait to review these in December, as well as next spring, when the official stats are released.

1. Adalia to Zinnia: Girls Names Ending with ia

When Sophia and Olivia are Top Ten staples, and Aria and Amelia are up-and-comers, you know that the ‘ia’ ending is big for girls’ names.  It isn’t new, by any means.  But we’re very into it at the moment, meaning that unusual choices ending with the same sound could wear well in 2014.

What are some of the trends and styles you’re watching in baby names right now?

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  1. Great compilation. It’s funny how before I was pregnant, I would love to see my favorite names pop up on lists. Now, I hope I don’t see my favorite names so others don’t realize how great they are. Thank goodness there are so many different genres, styles, etc. for names.