Sunday Summary 6.10.18Happy Sunday!

It’s early June, which means our family’s annual Disney trip is straight ahead.

I’ve been working on getting all of the Pixar production baby names lists here on the site. I’m woefully behind, but here are a few I’ve collected so far:

There are more, of course, but they’re buried in random Sunday Summary posts. I have the Coco list coming soon, too, and the Cars 3 list …

I’ve also compiled this list of the best names from Pixar movies. I need to do the same for Marvel and Star Wars, too!

Elsewhere online:

  • While we’re at the movies, I can’t wait to see Ocean’s 8. A few character names that caught my eye: Constance, Daphne, Amita, and Lou – that last one is Cate Blanchett’s character. I love the simplicity of the name. Remember when Heidi Klum named her youngest Lou Sulola? Love that.
  • I love the idea of zombie names, like this list of zombie girl names from Laura Wattenberg. They’re names that are back from the dead, the kind of choices we thought were gone for good, but … nope!
  • Welcome, Hayes + Hart! These might be my favorite twin names of the year!
  • Need a distraction? This quiz gives some fascinating answers – I got Oliver + Triana, and Sarah got Daniela + Enzo.
  • This is slightly snarky, but I’ll admit I’ve wondered the same thing: will the spelling Meghan catch on? Besides the newly minted Duchess of Sussex, there’s also singer Meghan Trainor.
  • Cersei, Winston, Corabeth, Talilah, Integrity and more truly unusual girls’ names debuting in the Social Security Administration data.
  • Check out this list of 1820 names and meanings – and comments!
  • I know it’s kind of crazy, but I think Fitzcarraldo might make a brilliant middle name.
  • Like a good #namespotting? This list is great. Rufina!
  • On that note: cemetery #namespotting. I enjoy this more than I probably should.

That’s all for this week! As always, thank you for reading – and have a great week!

Boy Names 6.10.18

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  1. The Meghan spelling is how all my friends spell the name; i thought that was the norm!

    The quiz told me Emma or Izan. While I love Emma, I know far too many people with the name across several generations, and I’ve never heard of Izan before. My taste tends to be more Harry, James, Jude, Magnus, William, Franklin, George, Frederick, Winston and Arthur for boys. Girls names I love, alongside Emma, are Mary, Violet, Marigold, Mathilda, Clara, Clare, Lucy, Lily, Rose, Ivy, Adelaide, Eleanor, Winifred and Gertrude.

  2. Hayes + Hart might be ripped off / inspired by Jessica Alba’s & Miranda Kerr’s sons respectively!