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The end of the year means that it’s time for lists.  Sure, there’s already been BabyCenter’s Top 100 reveal.  But this week brought very different lists.  What’s not to love about a Boys’ Top Ten including Finn, Asher, Henry, Milo, Jasper, Jude and Atticus, or a girls’ Top Ten with Imogen, Violet, Penelope, Isla, and Seraphina?

We’ll also be seeing reports from individual countries and smaller jurisdictions – even hospitals and birth centers.  Two I’ve spotted so far:

  • In Scotland, it’s Jack and Sophie on top again, with Riley rising for boys and Amelia striking it big for girls.
  • In Derry, Oisin is on top for boys.  He feels so appropriate for Northern Ireland, but would he be tough to pronounce in the US?  Hint: the emphasis is on the second syllable.

From the most popular to the less common, elsewhere online:

  • Tiggy is on trend, but I feel like she needs a formal name.  Antigone, maybe?
  • This is a quandary, and I’m not sure I have a good answer, but wow – I love the name Valeska.
  • A completely unlikely source of baby name inspiration: this post about circus sideshows has me admiring the name Galatea.
  • In the gossip column: Rosie Pope opines that the royal baby’s name will include a nod to Diana.
  • Also under G for gossip, rumor has it that a) Jennifer Aniston is expecting with boyfriend Justin Theroux, b) it’s twins!; and c) the happy couple is focused on “quirky” names.  Aniston’s reps have denied reports.
  • Love this round-up at Names4Real: Dulce, Emberly, a girl called Carrigan June and a boy named Indigo Anthony.
  • Fritinancy looks at Sandy, a name linked with two disasters in the last few months.  I wouldn’t mention it, except for this: Jason Bateman plays Sandy – yup, a guy called Sandy – in a new flick called Identity Thief.  Given the timeline on movie development, the name choice has to predate the headlines.  Still, I don’t think the bawdy comedy will help one bit …

That’s all the news for this week!  Thank you for reading, and see you around.

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  1. What about nn Annie for Antigone? I know that’s not what we’re trying to come up with here, but it just came to me…

  2. Tiggy is another “royal” name – it’s the name of Princes William and Harry’s nanny/companion, Tiggy Legge-Bourke (her real name is Alexandra). It’s one of those upper-class British pet names that has no connection to their actual name.

  3. I would guess oh-SHEEN for Oisin as well based on the pronunciation of Roisin.

    I know a little Galatea and think it is quite an inspired, bold choice and the name has an interesting history. Tea is a lovely nickname.

  4. Without looking it up, I’m going to guess that Oisin is prn Oh-SHEEN? I’m probably way off!

    I love Antigone to Tiggy – unusual or old-fashioned nicknames give me a thrill.

    My mom’s name is Sandy, so I can’t help but think of her any time the hurricane is mentioned. I like the idea of a male Sandy!