Spring baby namesWith warm weather comes Spring baby names.

Maybe you’re expecting a child in the next few months. Or maybe the lighter, brighter days suggest the qualities you love in a name.

Either way, these names run the gamut. They’re traditional and religious, modern and cool.

Some of the lists tend towards the silly. Except it turns out that fictional rabbits? They’ve answered to some pretty amazing names.

Nature names are heavily represented, as are finds from the ancient world. But the variety is staggering. For every popular Chloe (it means green shoot in Greek, making it an obvious Spring name for a daughter), there’s a wait-what name, like Catkin. (It’s the fuzzy little flower cluster on trees like willows, and while that seems Spring-like, they grow at various times of the year. I still think it works. Also, it’s just plain fun to say!)

Let’s look at Spring baby names in depth:

Spring Baby Names: Inspired by March

Agnes: Baby Name of the DayMarch marks the end of the winter, and the very earliest days of Spring. The vernal equinox falls on the 20th of the month, and many places are seeing warmer weather by then. Clocks spring forward mid-month, too, making for longer days. And so our Spring baby names list has to begin at the beginning, with this month.

Spring Baby Names: Blooming Botanicals

Everyone knows that April showers bring May flowers! While some botanical choices feel more appropriate for other seasons, especially Christmas, the overwhelming majority of flower names, from the demure Lily and Rose to the bold Bluebell and Calanthe, seem at home in the Spring.

Spring Baby Names: Easter

The exact date of Easter changes every year, sliding early or later in the season. But it always signals not only Spring, but renewal.

Spring Baby Names: Best for Boys

While nature names are gaining in popularity for all children, so many Spring baby names seem to be reserved for girls. Happily, many of these list include options for Spring baby names for boys. These are two of the best:

Spring Baby Names: Inspired by Rabbits

Rabbits are everywhere in the Spring, from decorations to the chocolate kind. That makes for some fun lists. Also worth noting: they’ve been associated with the season since well before Easter was celebrated as a Christian holiday.

Spring Baby Names: All Sorts of Ideas!

Many of the Spring baby names lists cover several of these topics – and more! – in one post.

That’s all for Spring baby names for now! Did I miss any? Share your favorite links – or names! – in the comments.

This post was published originally on March 19, 2018. It was revised and re-posted on March 4, 2019.

What's your Easter Bunny name?

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  1. My eight year old daughter and I are all giggles playing “what’s your Easter bunny name?” with all the memebers of our family. Love it. Thanks!! 🙂

    1. My son will be thrilled that my first is Daffodil … he’s been trying to get SOMEBODY to call a daughter Daffodil Petunia Rose. I told him I’d save it for him…just can’t get behind Daffy or Dil for some reason 🙂