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(Another) Abby writes:

We are expecting our fourth child and are running into a wall with naming the baby girl on the way!

With our older three, we have created a naming pattern that we would like to follow but are having a hard time selecting a first name that checks all the boxes.

Our older children’s names are: Oliver Joseph (Ollie), Evelyn Merridith (Evie), and Theodore Stephen (Theo).

We prefer a more traditional name that we can shorten when they are children. It should be a classic name that most everyone is familiar with, but not names that there will be multiple of in their classes.

We use family names for the middle spot, and will probably go with Elizabeth, Charlotte, or Anne this time.

Names that we have considered and thrown out are Edith and Genevieve (nicknames too similar to Evie). We have seriously thought about Cecilia, Eleanor, and Juliana but don’t know if any of those is The One.

Our last name is versatile, starts with C and is only two syllables, but we wouldn’t want more than for our formal first name.


Please read on for my response and leave your thoughtful suggestions in the comments.

Abby replies:

Congratulations on your new baby!

Nearly everything in parenting gets easier with experience. Somehow naming isn’t one of those things!

Sometimes it’s because we’ve already used our favorite names. But sometimes it’s because the world catches up to us. All the great, distinctive names we brainstormed five or seven or ten years ago? Everyone else has discovered them, too.

Plus avoiding names that are too close to our older children – that’s a challenge, isn’t it?

So while Cecilia, Eleanor, and Juliana could all be great choices, I’m going to start fresh and see if we can brainstorm some names that might be off your radar.



Americans have named our daughters Addison and Adeline in steady numbers – and so many spellings! But regal, saintly Adelaide has remained just beyond the mainstream. Addie serves as the default nickname, but you could also use Della.


Just like Addie and Della, Annabelle shortens to Annie and Bella. But I also suggest it because it just plain sounds like a sister for Evelyn – feminine, but slightly more tailored.


On the downside, Emilia isn’t quite undiscovered. Especially when the sound-alike Amelia is factored in, it’s quite popular. But Emilia comes with some great built-in nicknames. Millie would top my list, though maybe it’s a little similar to Ollie? Mia and Emme are great choices, too, or maybe even Mimi or Lia.


Yes, Gwendolyn and Evelyn both end with -lyn. And yet, I don’t think they’re too close at all. Instead, they’re both feminine, but not frilly; traditional, but not Elizabeth/Mary level classic. Nothing sounds quite like Gwen. Ollie, Evie, Theo, and Gwen are perfection together.


Pronounce it loo-shah, loo-see-uh, or loo-chee-uh, it’s the more elaborate form of Lucy. It can, of course, be reduced to Lucy/Lucie, or Lou, Lulu, Lula, or any of the many affectionate and sweet Lou names.


I think of Miriam as traditional and familiar, but it’s also quite unusual. Nicknames include Miri and Mimi, and – especially if you’re fan of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel – Midge.


Rose names abound, and many of them straddle that instantly-familiar/not-too-common line. Rosalie is one of the best!


Theresa fails to rank in the current US Top 1000, but Teresa does. And nicknames Tess, Tessa, and Tessie could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Overall, I keep coming back to Gwendolyn – unless repeating the -lyn ending gives you pause? In that case, I wonder if you’d consider Miriam? Oliver, Evelyn, Theodore, and Miriam are quite stunning together, and the nickname options for Miriam are rich and varied, too.

Readers, over to you – what name AND nickname would you suggest to go with Oliver, Evelyn, and Theodore – Ollie, Evie, and Theo?

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  1. I love the suggestion of Theresa, but if your husband vetoed, maybe we can find a similar name he might go for…
    Madonna (Maddie, Donna)
    Victoria(Tori, Rory, I also kind of like Ria)
    Cordelia Louise(Delia, Lia, Delia Lou, Lulu)
    Grace Marie

    Just one more name to consider:


    This may be the best fit. I might be wrong, but Maeve seems familiar, but not too common, like you want. It isn’t terribly popular, so she won’t be confused with Maeve L. and Maeve H. She will just be: Maeve. This leaves her room to grow into. Call her Eve, or Mae. Sure, it isn’t 3 letters, and doesn’t fall “perfectly” in line with the sib set because of the nickname, but that’ll be okay. If you can’t get past this, Avie would be adorable. This may be too close to Evie? Or maybe the girls will enjoy having that connection. It isn’t a terribly traditional nickname, but it’s a solid name to grow old with. If Maeve seems to stoic for your style, try Mavis. Don’t stress to much about this, as you never know what you will call her once she makes her debut, and being the youngest, she could end up as Sis for all you know! All you can do is give her a solid name, choose a nickname in advance, and sit back to enjoy the ride. Congratulations, and good luck on finding the perfect name!

  2. Oh these are all great suggestions!! I especially love Miriam, Rosalie and Gwendolyn! I also had loved Tess but my husband vetoed Teresa Thank you all this has helped a lot with giving us more direction.

  3. Sadie / Sarah
    Tori / Victoria
    Carly / Caroline
    Izzie / IsabellA
    Josie / Josephine
    Kat / Katy/ Katherine
    Ellie / Eloise
    Lulu / Louisa / Louise
    Vi / Violet
    Ginny / Virginia

  4. I think my daughters’ names fit the bill perfectly – Margaret called Maisy and Harriet called Hattie. I also know a Millicent called Millie & an Elizabeth called Betsy & a Dorothy called Dot (but that’s probably too close to Theodore). Alexandra called Lexi? Katherine called Kate? Susannah called Suzie? Annabelle called Annie? We also considered Helen called Nell and Louisa, which could shorten to Lou or Lulu. Magdalena or Magnolia (or Margaret of course) called Maggie?

    1. Also just thought of Virginia called Ginny, since you like Genevieve. And I know a super cute Georgiana called Georgie.