Basketball Team
Basketball Team by paukrus via Flickr

The opening round of March Madness resulted in landslides aplenty.

As we narrow down the field, competition is getting fierce.  While Arthur handily defeated Rafferty, every other race was neck-and-neck.  Declan and Ezra could easily be in this round, if only a few dozen votes had gone the other way.

The girls’ races were less contested – in fact, you’ll notice that the girls’ semi-finals were posted first this time, just to give a few more hours worth of voting to the boys.  It didn’t make a difference, though – while the games remained close, there were no impressive comeback as the clock ran down.

So, once more friends – please vote!

It’s the battle of the Ar- names, with Arthur versus Arlo

Two international charmers face off: Luca versus Rhys

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  1. I hate dusty Arthur, and I know it will win. Meeeh. Rhys and Luca are so much better in everyway.

    1. He’s quite happy, and has been voting for Arthur in every round! Not sure if he has bothered to vote in the other races …

  2. Arthur vs. Arlo was very difficult. Why oh why wasn’t it Arthur vs. Rhys and Arlo vs. Luca – that would have been so much simpler!