I’ve written about quite a few nature names here – that means that you’ve requested quite a few! Here’s a quick round-up of some of them.

A is for the tailored floral Aven, the calendar girl Avril and the sea-worthy Anemone

B is for the literary Bryony and the breezy Brisa, plus the British Basil

C is for the spunky Clover and the refined Calla

D is for Dove and Dahlia

E is for the majestic Everest

F is for the flashy Fuschia and the reserved Fern, plus the pan-botanical Florence and Flora

G is for Gemma

H is for Heath

I is for Iris

J is for Jessamine, Juniper and Jade, plus the not-just-for-vampires Jasper

K is for Katrina – but only if a name mostly famous as a hurricane counts

L is for the modern, avian Lark, the gently antique Linnea, and the bewitching Luna

M is for Meadow, Marigold, and Magnolia

N is for Noor

O is for Opal and Oren

P is for the ladylike Pearl and the intriguing Pomeline

Q is for …

R is for Rowan and all of the Rose names

S is for a set from the sky: the Latin Stella, the French Soleil and the Welsh Seren, plus the exotic Saffron and the weighty Sterling

T is for Topaz

U is for Ursula

W is for Wren

X is for …

Y is for Yvaine (She’s not exactly a nature name, but there’s a link.)

Z is for Zinnia and Zora

Are there any on this list that you would use? Are there any that I’ve overlooked?

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  1. I admit botanical names are my obession. Some on my list are Amarathe, Cleome, Mariposa, Ginger, Lunaria, Sorrel, and Zinnia.

      1. The mythology section of Wikipedia article on Amaranth just sold me on the name. Such a cool meaning! But I couldn’t get the husband to even think about Amaryllis so I can guess that Amaranth would get nixed. Sorrel doesn’t need a reason; it’s just cool being itself. I forgot Artemisia which is part of the Latin name for Wormwood which is used to make Absinthe and is the name of a daring female painter during the Renaissance. I also like how Ambrosia is another name for rag weed. Okay, I’m stopping. LOL