A to Z: Nature Names

I’ve written about quite a few nature names here – that means that you’ve requested quite a few! Here’s a quick round-up of some of them.

A is for the tailored floral Aven, the calendar girl Avril and the sea-worthy Anemone

B is for the literary Bryony and the breezy Brisa, plus the British Basil

C is for the spunky Clover and the refined Calla

D is for Dove and Dahlia

E is for the majestic Everest

F is for the flashy Fuschia and the reserved Fern, plus the pan-botanical Florence and Flora

G is for Gemma

H is for Heath

I is for Iris

J is for Jessamine, Juniper and Jade, plus the not-just-for-vampires Jasper

K is for Katrina – but only if a name mostly famous as a hurricane counts

L is for the modern, avian Lark, the gently antique Linnea, and the bewitching Luna

M is for Meadow, Marigold, and Magnolia

N is for Noor

O is for Opal and Oren

P is for the ladylike Pearl and the intriguing Pomeline

Q is for …

R is for Rowan and all of the Rose names

S is for a set from the sky: the Latin Stella, the French Soleil and the Welsh Seren, plus the exotic Saffron and the weighty Sterling

T is for Topaz

U is for Ursula

W is for Wren

X is for …

Y is for Yvaine (She’s not exactly a nature name, but there’s a link.)

Z is for Zinnia and Zora

Are there any on this list that you would use? Are there any that I’ve overlooked?

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The mythology section of Wikipedia article on Amaranth just sold me on the name. Such a cool meaning! But I couldn’t get the husband to even think about Amaryllis so I can guess that Amaranth would get nixed. Sorrel doesn’t need a reason; it’s just cool being itself. I forgot Artemisia which is part of the Latin name for Wormwood which is used to make Absinthe and is the name of a daring female painter during the Renaissance. I also like how Ambrosia is another name for rag weed. Okay, I’m stopping. LOL

I am not sure if these are nature names but here is my list:

A= Aoifenella
C= Cynthia
Q= Qynetella
V=Vivienne or Valerie
X=Xynia or Xynthia or even Xynette
Y= Yasmin or Ylena
Z=Zyneth or Zylie

I like: Dahlia, Flora, Luna, Katrina, Magnolia, Rose/Rosalind/Rosita, etc, and Ursula.
I submit:
A= Azalea, Acacia, Amber
I= Iris
D= Daisy, Daphne
J= Jasmine
V= Violet

They would never fly with my other half, but I really love Dove and Fern. Dahlia, Flora and Linnea are all on my list (which gets longer every day.)

I accept your challenge and humbly submit the list below:

C = Clementine
D = Daisy
H = Heather, Holly
J = Jewel
L = Lily, Lake
P = Plum
R = Ruby
S = Sunny, Star