1922 boy names1922 boy names could be coming back into style right about now.


The 100 year rule predicts that it takes about a century for names to fall in use, become unfashionable, fall off our radar entirely, and then fell fresh and new once more.

It’s why your great-grandparents’ names often sound appealing, while your parents’ names seem hopelessly awkward. (Really – when’s the last time you met a baby named Tammy or Jeffrey, Brian or Michelle? Those are the grandparents’ names now.)

And yet, it’s never quite that neat. Some of the 1922 boy names count as classics. They’ve never left the US Top 100 and show no signs of doing so any time soon.

With the exception of the evergreen classics, names don’t hold still. Some of 1922 boy names ranked in the Top 100 then … but stayed there until the 1940s or 60s. That means they can feel more tied to a later generation, and still need a few more decades’ rest to feel novel once more.

And, of course, some names simply do fade from use.

First, let’s take a look at the actual popularity data for 1922 boy names.

TOP 100 BOY NAMES from 1922

  1. John
  2. Robert
  3. William
  4. James
  5. Charles
  6. George
  7. Joseph
  8. Edward
  9. Richard
  10. Frank
  11. Thomas
  12. Donald
  13. Harold
  14. Paul
  15. Walter
  16. Raymond
  17. Henry
  18. Jack
  19. Arthur
  20. Albert
  21. Kenneth
  22. Harry
  23. Ralph
  24. David
  25. Eugene
  26. Howard
  27. Louis
  28. Willie
  29. Clarence
  30. Carl
  31. Earl
  32. Roy
  33. Fred
  34. Francis
  35. Joe
  36. Lawrence
  37. Ernest
  38. Leonard
  39. Anthony
  40. Herbert
  41. Stanley
  42. Alfred
  43. Samuel
  44. Norman
  45. Warren
  46. Bernard
  47. Daniel
  48. Michael
  49. Russell
  50. Melvin
  51. Leo
  52. Edwin
  53. Andrew
  54. Elmer
  55. Leroy
  56. Marvin
  57. Peter
  58. Gerald
  59. Lloyd
  60. Frederick
  61. Floyd
  62. Theodore
  63. Clifford
  64. Chester
  65. Ray
  66. Herman
  67. Clyde
  68. Vernon
  69. Lester
  70. Philip
  71. Vincent
  72. Charlie
  73. Alvin
  74. Milton
  75. Lewis
  76. Gordon
  77. Leon
  78. Wayne
  79. Glenn
  80. Martin
  81. Jesse
  82. Benjamin
  83. Lee
  84. Sam
  85. Cecil
  86. Victor
  87. Wallace
  88. Harvey
  89. Dale
  90. Billy
  91. Willard
  92. Oscar
  93. Edgar
  94. Arnold
  95. Allen
  96. Roger
  97. Claude
  98. Everett
  99. Virgil
  100. Gilbert

Then there are those names that lingered on the edges way back in 1922 – and would feel fresh and interesting today.


A Scottish heritage choice that sounds growl-y and strong, but also accessible and sweet at the same time.


That ‘o’ ending makes Arlo effortlessly cool.


An ancient name, Constantine sounds like an alternative to other straight-from-the-history-book favorites, like Alexander or Nathaniel.


The middle X makes this surname name feel like an obvious choice. Not nearly as modern as Jaxon, but also not nearly as traditional as Maxwell.


So many parents grew up on Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, but somehow, the name remains rare – even as his BFFs, Cameron and Sloane, have seen their names soar.


Quirky, fun Fritz started out as short for Friedrich. But it seems like it could stand on its own nicely now.


A gentlemanly, gently British name, Giles could pick up on our love for Miles.


It sounds like it should be a twenty-first century name. But it was well-established in the early part of the twentieth century, and quite rare today.


Casual, cool Ike is less expected than Gus, but every bit as storied.


Fresher than Lawrence, but with deep roots.


Longer Leo names offer the best of both worlds, and dashing Leopold is among the best of the antique options.


A cozy, midcentury name that brings to mind crooner Perry Como … or another, more recent singer, Jane’s Addiction frontman Perry Farrell.


Friendly Murphy is an Irish surname name on the fringes in 1922 and 2022. But it feels like a name American parents could embrace today.


Traditional Edward has fallen in use dramatically in 2022. But nickname name Ned might stand on its own, a brother for Grant.


Regal and strong, Rex would fit right in with epic boy names like Ace and Reign.


Cool, colorful Rufus might be among the most overlooked of traditionalish names ever.


It sounds a little Game of Thrones, but Theron means hunter in Greek.


Part-virtue name, part-surname name.


Surname name Walton fared better in 1922 than it does today, but wouldn’t Walton fit right in with Carson and Hudson?

What do you think of the 1922 boy names? Are there any you would use – either from the Top 100, or the rarer choices?

1922 boy names 1922 boy names

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