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  1. Well, as the mother of a toddler Truman, I am biased. We liked the old-timey sounding boy names. Old President’s names were a source of inspiration. Plus my husband loves Truman Capote. Plus I have a great uncle Truman. So we went there. People seem to like it, it sounds familiar but it not as common as the other president names e.g. Harrison, Tyler, etc. And there’s something appealing about True-Man, a name that has its meaning right there in the English.

    Someone in town told me they know a couple from Alabama whose two kids are Truman and Harper, how’s that for a great sibling pairing. (I think our coming girl will be less in relation to T’s name, though)

  2. My great-grandfather help to build a railroad town called Truman and my grandmother was born there. So it’s not a name from my family, but it’s part of the history. To add to that, President Truman is my dad’s hero, so I know he would be trilled if I named a child either Harry or Truman.

    I’m of two minds, Truman breaks all of my rules, but I really like it and it’s probably in my top 5.

    1. Well, it isn’t a family name, but it IS a name from your family’s history. IMHO, that is even better than just honoring a relative sometimes. There’s just so much great story there.

  3. I’ve had this site sent to me because you’ve had my kids’ names as name of the day twice now! My Truman is named for his paternal grandmother’s father, though he’s also got a Truman on the paternal grandfather’s side too, as a grand uncle. His reat grand uncle? We do not use the nickname Tru, nor did those of the elder generation. If not for the sentimental value, I’m not sure I’d have thought it quite so dear, but we really love it on him now. Strangely enough, the great-grand uncle’s brother, my son’s other paternal great-grandfather, whose name was Dewey. Truman and Dewey, named well before the election of those two men!

    My girl is named Cordelia, and I was happy to see you have her name listed back in August. I’ve been told that Cordelia and Truman together sound very “Southern” and I agree, though that was not my intention.

      1. Thank you! I actually had more doubts about Cordelia than Truman, but I couldn’t shake either, though I went round and round, much to my husband’s exasperation.

        Sorry about my typos up there! Cordelia is almost 6 months old and fights to grab the keyboard and mouse when I hold her, which is often as she demands it.

        1. I remember those days! Well, the 2 y.o. still tries to grab the computer, but now that’s because she knows there are Dora videos hiding inside my laptop.

  4. I’ve had the opposite experience, Photoquilty: Truman wouldn’t normally be my cup of tea, but I know some wonderful, not-at-all-flaky people who named their son Truman and it’s made me warm to it. It suits him perfectly. I don’t think he ever goes by Tru, though.

  5. While I can appreciate the history of the name, and understand the attraction to the nickname Tru, the fact that the mom of the Truman I know is such a flake makes it hard for me to like the name. It’s become flaky-by-proxy, if that makes any sense.