Lurker Week May 2016When I started writing Appellation Mountain way back in January of 2008, I struggled to come up with enough ideas to hit publish regularly.

And then that May, I decided to feature a Baby Name of the Day.

Every. Single. Day.

After choosing a few, I realized that it was the kind of decision that was better made by a group, so I opened it up to suggestions.

Since then, I’ve never struggled for ideas.

If there’s any magic to Appellation Mountain, it’s thanks to this wonderful community. In the best of possible ways, it’s not me – it’s all you! (And you and you and you!)

But as the site gets bigger, it can be harder to reach out. And I’m often overwhelmed by the sheer number of ways to talk to readers!

That’s why every once in a while I like to host a Lurker Week.

The idea is simple: during the week of May 23rd, I’ll feature names suggested through comments on this post, but only from first time commenters.

Feel free to also suggest post topics – ideas for lists or burning questions to be answered – as well as possible Baby Names of the Day.

And just for fun, here are a few of my favorite Baby Names of the Day that I wrote about – and in some cases discovered! – thanks to suggestions from The Formerly Lurking:

  • The on-trend but seldom heard Madeleva, apparently invented by a young nun at St. Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana. It’s believed that she created Madeleva from a smoosh of her given names, Mary Evaline, who went on to become a medieval scholar and trailblazing leader as the president of her alma mater.
  • The jazzy Ellington, a name that feels unisex and is rising for boys and girls at the moment, though it remains much rarer than the rest of the El- names.
  • The Cornish Aderyn, which is almost a perfect blend of our interest in bird names and all of those Addie-inspired choices. Except the pronunciation is different, with the emphasis on the middle syllable. Dealbreaker? I’m not sure …

Oh dear! Now that I’ve started this list, it could go on forever. Because Appellation Mountain readers really do have The Best Ideas.

If you’re new to the site, or have been here forever but have been hiding quietly in the background, this is your chance. Leave a comment with the names or topics you’d love to have featured, and hopefully we’ll fit a bunch of them in this May!

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  1. Just sent an email but now realise this is probably more appropriate! Long time lurker but first time poster.
    My suggestion for a name of the day- Angelou! It’s new to me and it really appeals to me for a multitude of reasons (including but not dominated by Maya) and would love to see it featured!

    Also, I adore this site and your articles are always fascinating. I often find myself getting lost on this site!

  2. Zara, Veronica, Mirabelle, Irina, Tessa,

    Different ways to honor someone. Without directly using the name.

  3. I’ve always been drawn to nature names, specifically ones that relate to cycles, seasons, or phases. I’m always a fan of Moon-related names, and recently came across the name Tide. Obviously there will be a strong correlation to the laundry detergent, but when you think about the rhythms of the ocean and the pull of the moon I think there is something earthy and serene to it. What do you think? Any other good name suggestions in this category?

  4. De-lurking here! Your posts totally brighten my day 🙂

    I would love to see a spotlight on the name Willa. Not one, not two, but THREE friends/acquaintances of mine who have recently had baby girls all named them Willa. I’m not sure if it is due to living in a more hipster/college town, or what. I’d love to learn more about the name, besides the obvious Willa Cather association.

    Other names I’d love to see featured out of pure curiosity on my part:
    Celestia, Eudora, Isolde, Jean, Persephone, Pomona, and Valerie for the ladies.
    And Dean, Donovan, Jeremiah, Lawrence, Obadiah, Tennessee, and Xerxes for the gents.

  5. Hi Abby, I found your site this past year and love it. I have never commented(until now!), but have been thinking about a few names I would love to see featured and this is too great an opportunity to pass up! I am currently looking at baby girl names and have a few I would love to see your thoughts on. First, I am curious about double names as first names (Mary Ann, Sarah Jane, Mary Rose, etc.). I also love a few less common girl names that I don’t think I’ve found on your site: Emerson, Audra, Henrietta (a family name and I am so curious about it, especially nicknames!), Ashlyn, Ainsley, Layla, and Delaney. Thanks for all your posts and insights, I can’t wait to keep reading!