Sunday Summary 7.30.17I’m forever fascinated by unusual names, especially when they come complete with compelling stories. Pom Klementieff, who plays Mantis in Guardians of the Galaxy, caught my eye back when we saw the movie in May. But I just thought to look for the meaning behind it. Turns out that Pom was born in Quebec to a Korean mother and French-Russian father. They chose her name because it’s close to the Korean words for tiger and spring. I would have guessed that it was related to Pomeline, which comes from the word for apple, but her story is even better.

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  1. Michael already has a history of being used for girls. My father grew up in the 40s-50s in a very Catholic area in Seattle, and knew two female Michaels. The parents wanted to use the name no matter the sex of the child. I also work with a young mom from Australia named Michael.

  2. From the British Baby Names: Griffin James Sirius and brother Niko Stone… Harry Potter fans much? These parents have a subtle style!

    I thought Morven was a boy name before I read the announcement. I agree with Megan M. It reminds me of Marvin (which is a great name!).

    Side note: with the Marvin the Martian association fading, this name seems due for a comeback! It reminds me of Ira or Floyd. Fabulous names to put in diapers!

  3. Morven Christie is an actress currently starring in Grantchester, so I notice it every time Grantchester airs. I just don’t think it would work here. It’s too close to Marvin, which seems very outdated right now.