Sunday Summary: 12.15.19We are hurtling towards the holidays and a shiny new year!

‘Tis the season for festive posts. Here are a few you might have missed:

And, of course, voting is open in the Favorite Celebrity Baby Names contest. That’s when we look at the not-so-crazy names picked by celebs and choose our personal favorite. The boys’ semi-finals are here, and the girls’ contest is here.

Elsewhere online:

Have you read My So-Karen Life? I’m younger than the author, so I only knew one Karen (and she was a Karyn) as a child, and then, later in life, I was friends with a Karin. But the New York Times column column strikes a chord, because some names can seem to define a period in our lives. What’s your Karen name? I’m not sure if I can settle on just one …

Finnish names fascinate me. They range from identical-to-American-favorites (Oliver, Emma, Leo, Ella) to wildly different, unheard-of options (Venla, Niilo, Aino, Väinö). Nancy has the full Top Ten list here.

How far is it from Finland to Arendelle? Cleveland Kent Evans explores the history of Elsa. Frozen has been so very big that parents aren’t considering the name for their daughters. (He argues that Elsa is like Oprah.) But I do think it’s a great name. Maybe we’ll hear it in another decade or two, as the first generation of Frozen-obsessed girls grows up?

Which reminds me … would you name your baby Arendelle? Or after another imaginary place? I’m charmed by Corellia, home planet to Han Solo.

“Hold on, it will take me a while, but I promise I will get it right.” This is my new go-to line when I’m learning names from other cultures and languages, courtesy of this article.

That’s all for now. Thank you for reading, and, as always, have a great week!

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  1. I currently know a couple named Jasper and Elsa! They’re currently in their late 30’s to early 40’s.

  2. I would be quite happy to call a baby girl Arendelle! I went to school with a Karen, we were both born in 1987.

  3. The names from other cultures link is to the Elsa article. I can’t wait to see the actual link though, this topic is close to my heart.

  4. Hey fellow ’80s kids, wanna feel old? Lisa Whelchel from The Facts of Life is now a grandma! Her granddaughter’s name is Eisley Virginia (Virginia is Lisa’s mother’s name). I just thought I would share since I’ve never heard the name Eisley before.