Favorite Celebrity Girl Names 2019 SemiFinalsThanks for voting in the opening round of Favorite Celebrity Girl Names 2019!

I took a look at the most fascinating, headline-worthy celeb baby names of the year here. But there’s another kind of high profile birth announcement: one where the famous parents stick with a mainstream favorite for their new arrival.

This contest focuses on those names, the ones at home in a Hollywood nursery, or on your block.

The results from the opening round are in:

  • Nora – the #30 name in the US – cruised past Ramona with just over 60% of the vote.
  • Sweeping up nearly 64% of the tally, Violet crushed Poppy.
  • Eloise just barely squeaked past Claire with 51% of the total.
  • And Ruby delivered the biggest victory of the day, carrying just over 68% of the vote against Delilah.

That means Nora, Violet, Eloise, and Ruby advance.


They could be sisters, but they’re just a little different. Nora feels literary, serious, accomplished. Ruby seems bolder, with a little bit of sparkle. But both are fast favorites with parents today.



Another challenge pits two names against each other that could easily belong to sisters. Both names feature a bright ‘o’ in the middle, and a sort of sweetly storybook quality combined with a lot of backbone.


Voting will stay open for one full week. Check back next week to see if your favorite advances to the final round!

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