Sunday Summary: 3.17.19Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I’ve pulled together some of the best Irish baby names posts here. But there’s been even more great content just in the last day or two, so I’ll be updating it ongoing. (Feel free to comment if I’ve missed a great resource or two!)

Next up: I loved this piece by Hannah Hicock for The Cut: Why Can’t I Stop Dreaming of Baby Names? We know our family is complete, but I often ask myself, “What would I name twin girls? Another three boys?” It’s part word game; part longing for something that never was. Hannah was kind enough to ask my thoughts about the subject, and I loved hearing that I’m not alone!

Elsewhere online:

  • What will Meghan and Harry name their baby? I’m not saying it will be Gertrude, but a little Lady Trudy would be darling. I was about to share all of my thoughts on this subject, but then realized it needs a post of its own …
  • Sophie has her latest celebrity baby name predictions here. To find her thoughts on Meghan and Harry’s baby, go back a few volumes to this installment. I agree with her on Spencer. I think it’s a real contender.
  • Oh, I love the name Nell. Formal name options abound, but I think Helena might be my favorite.
  • Swistle has great advice here: if you have a son named Jerry, and you name his baby brother Tom, and people raise their eyebrows and say, but, but, the cartoon! Then you should lean into it, “shrug cheerfully and enjoy the coincidence.” That’s good advice for anyone faced with judgement over their kiddos’ names.
  • I never realized how many forms of Leah are out there! A few of these might qualify as Elegant Alternative Spellings. Lia, maybe? Or just Lea?
  • The most surprising thing that a Kar-Jenner mama could do? I think naming her daughter Rose might be it!
  • On the subject of intriguing names from birth announcements, Dolyn to honor a Gwendolyn is quite clever.
  • LOVE when this happens. Duana answered the same question that I answered in a matter of days. Honestly? I like her answer better than mine. (You might think it happens all the time, but pretty sure this is only the second time in memory.)
  • Always interesting to peek behind the curtain and see which names are most-searched for other sites. Here’s a recent list from The Art of Naming.
  • I just watched Taron Edgerton’s take on Robin Hood. I can see the criticisms of the movie – it did lag in places, and the anachronistic choices won’t appeal to everyone. But, maybe because I had low expectations, I liked it lots. If it had been a bigger hit, I think Loxley would’ve taken off. Instead, I found myself wondering if Robin can make a comeback for boys. It’s quite handsome, shortens naturally to Rob, and brings to mind the heroic figure.
  • And on that note … a true missed opportunity from Romper on this list of old Hollywood names. Cary Grant is the first image displayed, so surely they’d champion Cary for a boy? Nope. They went with … Grant. Which is a solid name, but I don’t think of it in the same class as Cary.
  • Whoa – what it’s like growing up named after the Transformers. (Found via Clare’s fabulous page.)
  • Speaking of crazy bananas stories, what if your baby-to-be was named by your partner’s ex? I’m divided, probably because my husband had always wanted to name our first son after his dad. But that’s not quite what this story is about.

Lastly, don’t forget to vote in this week’s SemiFinals round of March Madness baby names. Find the boys’ match-up here, and the girls’ match-up here.

That’s all for this week – as always, thank you for reading, and have a great week!

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