Irish Baby Names: The Ultimate List of ListsIrish baby names aren’t just for St. Patrick’s Day!

With Liam at #1 in the US, and names like Riley and Aiden not far behind, it’s easy to see that lots of us love Irish appellations – whether that reflects our heritage, or not.

Irish Baby Names: Big in Dublin

Irish Baby Names: Little Bit of Everything

Irish Baby Names: Individual Appellations

This is such a deep and nuanced subject – I know I’ve left out lots of great resources, and plenty of Irish baby names, too! What are your favorites? Would you consider using any of these for a child?

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Irish Boy Names Irish Girl Names

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  1. If I had to choose an authentic Irish name for a daughter I would choose Roisin (Ro-sheen). I just love everything about it. I have only ever met one and I was absolutely crushed to discover her parents pronounced it more like the spelling: Royce-in 🙁

    Also I absolutely love the name Conor McGregor picked for his daughter. Absolutely lovely