Collins Fieldhouse girls basketball team, 1917
Collins Fieldhouse girls basketball team, 1917 Seattle Municipal Archives via Flickr

March Madness continues, and the competition is fierce!

Elodie barely squeaked past Claire. A mere two votes decided that race.

The biggest victory went to Adele. She thoroughly trounced Eithne, garnering 86% of the vote to her rival’s mere 14%. Lydia and Lila both won by impressive margins, suggesting that L truly is the letter to watch.

One surprise was watching Louisa win handily over Stella. Has this star already had her moment? Are too many Hollywood littles wearing out Stella before she really catches on?

My biggest heartache was watching Romilly lose out to Lorelei, especially because that was a close one – Lorelei earned 55% of the vote.

And now, on to the quarter-finals!

It’s a rhyme time match-up: Isla versus Lila

Little Women’s Louisa versus Hamlet’s Ophelia

The elaborate Lydia versus the trim Adele

Three-syllable showdown: Lorelei versus Elodie

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  1. How surprising to see the Elodie love! I introduced Elodie as an option for our daughter before she was born this past November. The day before she was born, my husband vetoed Elodie because (and I quote) “she will spend her life searching for something that is missing and when she is in her 40s, a therapist will tell her it is the letter “M”.”

    So although I would have been happy with a girl called Elodie, instead the name was the catalyst that got me my top name choice. Serena Jane wears her name well.

    1. I can hear him saying that!

      LOVE the name Serena Jane, and I continue to be impressed by your naming style.

  2. I easily chose Isla over Lila, because I’m used to the Scandinavian spelling of Laila and always think Lila looks like Leela.

  3. Adele vs. Lydia – you’re killing me here. Two favorites. I voted the straight L ticket – Lila, Louisa, Lydia, and Lorelei.

  4. I named my cat Ophelia…because I loved it so, but Louisa is much better for a little girl, I think.

    1. Ophelia seems ‘too much’ of a name for a child, even for most women. I wonder if it made this poll because it’s kind of a fascinating name — although not a name most people would actually name their child. I think Ophelia is darling for a cat!

  5. Someone please explain Elodie to me. It doesn’t even feel like a proper name. I grew up with a girl named Melody and Elodie just sounds like a poor version of this name.
    I really hope Louisa wins the whole thing, what a great name!

    1. I’m not fond of Elodie, either. And I don’t understand the hatred for Lorelei at all…

  6. I voted Isla, Louisa, Adele, and Elodie. The hardest was Isla vs Lila. If it had been Lilah, it would have won, but the Lila spelling looks like it’s missing something. That’s probably because I know a Lilah (whose twin sister is Tali).

    I was sad to see Romilly go, especially to Lorelei. If it comes down to Isla vs Elodie. I might not be able to choose!

  7. Lydia vs. Adele was so difficult! But I had to choose Lydia because I have a soft spot for her. Lydia is a name I try to suggest to parents contemplating names like Sophia, Isabella, etc. as a less common alternative but equally melodic.

  8. I just don’t see the appeal of Isla. And this is coming from someone who is naming their soon-to-be-here daughter Maia! There is just something off putting in Isla’s spelling and pronunciation. It sounds incomplete to me.

    1. Totally agree. I don’t like Isla. It reminds me immediately of island, desert places, loneliness, Robinson Cruso