Ready, set, vote! It’s time to open the polls for the Girls’ Preliminaries in the first-ever March Madness event at Appellation Mountain.

Round One matches up the Top Sixteen names from 2010. Vote for your favorite in each of the eight polls below, and check back next week to see who makes the cut for the quarter-finals. We’ll crown the victors after the close of voting in the fourth and final round on Saturday, March 26.

The enchanting Isla (1) versus the retro Sylvia (16)

Twilight’s maternal Esme (2) versus Hamlet’s mad Ophelia (15)

The boyish Noa (3) versus the lady-like Lydia (14)

It’s a three-syllable showdown: Romilly (4) versus Lorelei (13)

The battle of the mademoiselles: Elodie (5 ) versus Claire (12 )

The elaborate Eithne (6) versus the spare Adele (11)

The lovely Louisa (7) versus Stella the star (10)

Starts-with-L Lila (8) versus ends-in-et Ayelet (9)

Thanks for voting & check back on Friday to see which names advance to the next round!

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What do you think?


  1. Lol, only half of my picks are in the lead. I guess my tastes are different from most. My two favorites are Sylvia and Esme. Neither are in the lead. 🙁

  2. My picks are in the lead for every category! Woot! Err, except, I can’t remember which I picked for Elodie vs Clair, that was the hardest choice for me.

  3. Romilly Vs Lorelei was difficult. Twee surname Vs big rock of boating accidents. Hmmm. And because I rarely see Sylvia get any love IRL (it seems to get the “doddery old blue rinse” comments) I almost voted for it over Isla. In fact, I regret not doing it now.

    And tsk tsk. Poor Eithne. I think it’s just fine but it hasn’t got a chance in heck.

  4. Can you do Kyrie as a girls name for a name of the day? Or Avery for a girl? Elias for a boy? The only one of my childrens names you covered is my Audrey!! LOL

  5. Romilly vs Lorelei! That’s torture I love both names so much and equally. Romilly was chosen however as I feel it is slightly less well known.