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I’m not a regular Town and Country reader, but I happened to pick up a copy of their most recent edition, featuring the Top Bachelors of 2013.

Yes, I was in it for the names.  And dashing names they are, indeed.

There’s a smattering of Hollywood, political, and pro sports names mixed in, but mostly it’s a tour through heirs to family fortunes, international princes, and a few gentlemen with ties to major corporations and fashion houses.

The most popular names for the jet set?  There were two bachelors named Pierre, plus a pair of Georges, but the prize goes to Alexander – two Alexanders, and an Alex, too.

While many of the names are decidedly under-the-radar, as a group they’re really quite dashing.

But are they all that different?  Just for kicks, I checked out lists of The Bachelorette contenders.  Ryan, Doug, Chris, Kyle.  Much less international, though Season 8 included an Alessandro and an Alejandro.

By any measure, the bachelors of Town and Country were a delightfully named bunch.

Read on for a round-up!

The Average Joes

Not every member of the international jet set wears a mysterious, European appellation.  Plenty of them answer to classic choices worn through the ages, or those perfectly at home in an Applebee’s.  Though as I edit this, I’ve just realized that none of them actually answer to Joe


Alex, Alexander



Charles, Charlie



George – There are two Georges, and yes – one of them is Clooney.




Jon – John is the evergreen classic, but Jon feels slightly more handsome these days.  Credit to Jon Hamm, maybe?



Scott – He feels more like a dad name than a dashing international type, doesn’t he?  But F. Scott Fitzgerald keeps him on the right side of stylish.

Tim – As in Tebow, one of two American athletes on the list – Jeremy Lin is the other.  Tim doesn’t meet my criteria for dashing names, but I’m leaving him on the list.

The Internationals

Albert – Doesn’t this one feel very royal?  The bachelor who puts this one on the list is Prince Albert Von Thurn und Taxis.

Amedeo – Worn by another royal, this one from Belgium.

Carl Philip – Carl is a no-nonsense name, more plumber than prince, but paired with the classic Philip he’s a regal double name, as in the race car-driving Prince Carl Philip of Sweden.

Facundo – A fourth century saint’s name that’s remained in sparing use in the Spanish-speaking world, but remains all but unknown in the US.

Haji – From the royal family of Brunei.

Matteo – One of Hollywood’s current favorites, spelled the Italian way, with two ts, or the Spanish – Mateo.

Merlin – One of Bryan Ferry’s sons.

Nikolai – Love the full name: Nikolai von Bismarck, great-great-grandson to Otto.



Philippos – Another prince, this time of Greece and Denmark – no throne

Pierre (2) – Pierre Rainier Stefano Casiraghi, grandson of Grace Kelly by, 2 Sarkozy

Raf – My first thought is Raphael, then Royal Air Force.  But Raf Simons is Dutch, and creative director at Christian Dior.  His first name rhymes with laugh.


Siddharth – This bachelor comes from a family of Indian jewelers.

Stavros – Yup, the one who dated Paris and LaLohan.  It’s a Greek name meaning cross.

Tara – Yes, on a man!  He’s the son of Roxy Music frontman Bryan Ferry.  Tara’s brothers Merlin, Otis, and Isaac are also on the list.  Tara sounds feminine to American ears, thanks to Cara and Lara, but it started out as the name of a hill, home to the legendary Irish high kings.  It seems like that should make it fair game for boys and girls.



Wenzeslaus – It’s a lot of name, right?  The Lichtenstein royal who wears Wenzeslaus is also known as Prince Vince.

The Stylish


ConorConnor is more common, but the single n spelling seems more authentically Irish.  Fitting, since this name belongs to a Kennedy, one of Robert Jr.’s sons.

Harry – Prince Harry – born Henry Charles Albert David – is among the best known bachelors of the moment.  Between Harry Potter and the prince, the name is huge in the UK.


Sawyer – Aspiring actor Sawyer Avery is known by his first and middle.  He shed distinctive surname Speilberg in a bid to make it on his own in Hollywood.


None of the Above

Cory – When Cory Booker was born in 1969, his name was fashion-forward.  The came the 1980s and the two Coreys.  Now Cory feels like a dad name, though if Booker’s star continues to rise, maybe that could change.


Reggie – As in Duke basketball alum and former White House staffer Reggie Love.  Nothing wrong with Reggie, but Reginald is fading these days.
What do you think of the Town and Country bachelor names?  Do any of them strike you as worth considering?  I’m charmed by Stavros and Nikolai …

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  1. The name that really caught my eye was Albert. It used to be too old fashioned for my already old man name preferences, but I know a really sweet toddler by the name, and the nickname Albie is growing on me. Also, I know this is not the proper way of going about this, but could Humphrey be a name of the day? It is my latest obsession.

  2. I like Henry, but ‘Harry’ will always be repulsive to me, not leastly because of Prince Harry. Yuck.

    I like Isaac and Patrick a lot though. And Jon is lovely, though while John stands alone, Jon suggests Jonathan/Jonathon to me.