Valentine baby namesLove is in the air, with Valentine baby names.

Maybe you’re due on February 14th. Or maybe you’re just in love with the idea of a name that means something special.

Either way, the hearts-and-flowers holiday can inspire lots of great baby name choices. From affectionate word names to historical and literary characters associated with romance, the possibilities are endless.

Why consider Valentine baby names? Maybe you’re seeking a sparky middle to go with a more traditional first. Or maybe your shortlist feels uninspired, and you’re looking for something fresh and unexpected.

Valentine Baby Names: Straight from the Dictionary

Word names continue to gain in use, with choices like River and Aria heard on every playground in the US right about now.

Valentine Baby Names: Sounds like Love

Sure, we think of merry with Christmas and Easter eggs, but few words are as closely tied to a holiday as love and Valentine’s Day. These names range from the obvious (just Love) to the far more subtle, but all owe something to the sound of Love.

  • Nancy rounded up the names that include the word love, all of which appear in the US Social Security Administration data, at least in small numbers. Even Loveless! Some of these are clearly nods to the emotion, like Milove. Others, like Lovett, contain the word coincidentally.
  • Baby Name Wizard looks at names with a strong L or V sound – or both! Think Alva and Olive.

Valentine Baby Names: Means Love

The obvious first stop for Valentine baby names: names that mean love. Some of these meanings have me arching an eyebrow, but the names are appealing.

Valentine Baby Names: Famous Figures

Romantic heroes – even tragic ones, like Juliet and her Romeo, often have some seriously steal-able names. These lists round up some of the best.

Valentine Baby Names: Myth and Legend

Arrow: Baby Name of the DayWhere exactly did Cupid come from? The arrow-shooting cherub is straight out of myth. He’s not alone, either. Plenty of possible names were inspired by legend, lore, and yes, love.

Valentine Baby Names: Other Languages and Times

Step into the wayback machine for medieval names that mean love, or cross the ocean for a look at the Dutch perspective on the question.

Valentine Baby Names: Baby Names of the Day to Consider

So many of the Baby Name of the Day include a special meaning that fits this theme.

Valentina relates to the saint, but also brings to mind the original meaning of the name: healthy and strong.

Amoret is a rarity that might wear well today, and comes straight from the Latin amor, via Edmund Spenser.

I’m always surprised we don’t hear more about Carys, a Welsh name meaning love.

Elska comes from Old Norse, and while it sounds quite a bit like Frozen’s Elsa, it has a great meaning – and an intriguing sound, too.

On the boys’ side, there’s Caradoc, a cousin to Carys.

And then there’s always David, a traditional name with history galore and the meaning beloved.

Valentine Baby Names: Beyond the 14th

Looking for an even less expected, but still seasonal take on February 14th?

Bewitching Names pulls ideas from the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia. Lots of wolf-related names in this list.

Brit + Co. compiled a list of general February-themed names – a little bit Valentine, a little bit not.

And so tell us – would you consider Valentine baby names for your February baby? Which ones do you like best? Are there any other lists to add to this list? Please share!

Originally published on February 2, 2018, this post was revised and re-shared on February 9, 2019.

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