Sunday Summary Valentine's 2016 editionHappy Valentine’s Day!

Lately, I can’t get Dulcie off of my mind. And I love the idea of Dulcinea, but is it just too much? It’s on my list of baby names inspired by candy.

While we’re talking Valentine’s Day, I wrote about rare girl names the mean love – and your additions to the list are great! Amoret is probably my favorite, but I think it would only be a middle name possibility for me.

And while I didn’t write this post for Valentine’s Day, I think it’s a great moment to revisit daring flower names and pan-botanical names for girls!

Now, on to the non-hearts and flowers name news:

That’s all for this week! As always, thank you for reading – and have a great week!

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  1. I have a quick spelling question, I’d appreciate it if anyone had any input!

    I’m going to give birth to my second daughter any day now. Her name will be Vasilia. The more “authentic”, I guess, spelling would be Vasileia. The original Greek name is Βασιλέια, with an epsilon at the end before the iota alpha. I like the way it looks but my concern is that people will pronounce it vasiLAYa (it’s vasiLEEa). I also want to keep the spelling as simple as possible, since it’s already an unfamiliar name and I don’t want to make my daughter’s life more difficult. Any thoughts? Thanks!

    1. I think your spelling will reduce incidence of the -LAYaronounciation, but I would pronounce Vasilia as Va-SIL-iya, like Basilia.

      1. Unfortunately, I can’t really do anything to prevent that! I wish diacritical marks were used more commonly in English.

        1. I think Vasilia is the best choice. While I’m sure you’ll have the occasional challenge with pronunciation, that’s true for any less common name. My impulse is to say it vah SILL ee ah, since Olivia and Sophia end with the same sound. Still, I don’t think I’d have any trouble remembering that it’s vasiLEEah.

  2. Thank you Abby!

    I have been seeing more babies named Dulcie, and I feel that this vintage name is having a bit of a revival.