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  1. interesting thing thing about names and connectionx – the greeks traded with ireland well before englanf was a trade route x – by names i am connected to not only greek but roman and other lands – eleanor – helen of troy – 3 queens of england, June – roman goddess juno – herron(surname hera the bird heron etc) my fathers side comes from ireland = does anyone have feedback ?

  2. I on the other hand love Hera. Just watched Disney’s Hercules and fell in love. I might be better as a middle name but Hera is definitely in the running for us when it comes to naming our future LO.

  3. I’ve never liked the name Hera, although I’ve always wanted to, being a fan of Greek mythology since Grade Three. Sadly, Hera’s name has always bugged me, although I’m not sure why — maybe because it’s so close to Hero, maybe because I have half an inclination to add a “tic” to the end of it when I say the name out loud, maybe because my own father’s name is Harry and Hera sounded like a mispronunciation — I don’t know. I just can’t like the name.