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  1. Hera definitely has a pleasant sound, but it does make me think of a jealous woman. Still, its a cool name, and it would be quite interesting to actually meet someone with this name.

  2. Thanks so much for covering Hera for me! I think we have already in the meantime decided not to use it but it was very interesting to hear everyone’s take on it. Still searching for that perfect name, it seems so much harder this second time around! I think my husband is pickier this time too lol!

  3. I’m not into it, unfortunately. The sound just doesn’t appeal to me. A friend of a friend just had a baby Minerva, goddess of music among other things, but I’m not into that name, either.

  4. Oh, I have a major soft spot for god and goddess names, and I definitely think this is one of the more usable options. I always felt Hera was a great symbol of womanly strength because of her spiteful nature. She didn’t sit back and let her husband get away with his philandering ways, she did something about it. I picture her as beautiful, strong, and smart: all characteristics I would love a daughter to possess. Two thumbs up from me!

    1. Ditto!

      I’ve always liked Hera, but only pronounced as hair-uh [which is strange, because I’ve never liked Harry, which I pronounce the same as hairy]. I just started watching Battlestar Galactica recently, so the cylon/human baby is foremost in my mind now.

  5. Is it pronounced Hair-uh or Heer-uh? I prefer the latter but I think the former is correct. I love the name Hero for a girl, and I wish that this appealed to me as much, because Hero is simply too out there for me. I actually really like Juno, and I think the connection to the movie has faded enough now that it’s usable.

  6. I can’t get into Hera… It leaves me with thoughts of hairy, herron,etc and yet I have no problem with either Hero or Hermione on a little girl. I should like it; It rhymes with my own name, but I just can’t.

  7. Juno is my #1 all time favorite name but DH won’t consider it 🙁 Hera would be a nice alternative (if he would be down with it, he hates everything) but we already have a Helena. Too close? I think so.

  8. Sounds too sci-fi for me. And I don’t like Juno, Luna or Maya either. This little girl will be taunted with “hairy” and will be explaining all her life that it’s “Hera, not Sara.”

  9. I quite like it. I can embrace her bitc-er-feistiness… but more than that, I like the sound. It’s not a choice for me, but I think it would be a great name on a little girl.

  10. Hera is a name I really feel like a should like. It’s probably one of the most usable Greek goddess names, and I love most names from Greek and Roman mythology. But something about it I don’t really like. I think it just sounds too light and breathy when I say it out loud. And it reminds me of herring. I would be delight to meet a little Hera, though. I think she deserves more use.