Name of the Day: Campbell

It’s a Scottish clan and an iconic can.

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My son, 5 years old, is named Campbell Calvin-both family names. Of course for me, it’s definitely male, but I have heard a few girls named Campbell and it strikes me the same as girls named Charlie or Ryan, the exception rather than the rule. He’s always Campbell to others, but we have called him Campbell Scramble and Campbell Ramble on occasion. We are not nickname people. As far as the soup is concerned, it’s what I use as an example when I get the rare question of how it’s spelled. To us, Campbell is Soup-er, pardon the pun. His class is filled with Austins, Logans, Trentons, Wyatts and Christians, so for now, his name is just what I wanted-a classic that stands out from the crowd, pronounced correctly by almost all.

In the book Cold Sassy Tree (takes place in a small Southern town around the turn of the 20th century), there is a male Campbell who goes by Camp. Because of that book I always think of Campbell as male.

BTW, there is a teenage girl in the book named Lightfoot! Some great Southern names and dialect in the book. 🙂

Bleck…I am not a fan. I don’t know why I don’t like it, but I don’t. If I did use it, (like maybe my future husband loves the name and its in his family tree) it would be on a boy, not a girl. It just doesn’t seem that girly to me. I’d rather use Camille or Camilla.

Campbell’s chicken noodle, Campbell’s Chunky sirloin burger, Campbell’s cream of mushroom, etc.

There is the actor Campbell Scott, who adds some substance to the name, but it still makes me think of soup.

It’s ‘not my cup of tea’ – with the soup association and the “Camp Bell” spelling. I’d prefer Camila.

Frankly, that people use this on girls is both shocking and hilarious to me. It’s solidly male here in NZ and about as androgynous as Donaghue or Duncan. It’s ultra butch. But, then the popular use of Mackenzie, McKenna et al perplexes me still so Campbell is apt to get a strong response.

I grew up with a male Campbell. If I ever run across it on a female child here I’m gong to find it hard to stifle my horror.

Bewildertrix, I noticed that your blog is now open only to invited viewers. Could you invite me (I don’t know how else to contact you to request an invite)?

I’d love to Kelly and JNE, but I’ve decided to put it to rest for now given my hectic schedule coming up. I was midway through another theme change attempt and it’s dawned on me that I don’t want to feel like it’s ‘work’ and it really is starting to 😛 I’m not sure how much time I will have to commit to it over the next few months so it’s best I quit now. Cold turkey!

And it’s not as much fun when you’ve chosen a name for your new baby already and it’s most likely the last child you will get to name 🙁

I will definitely keep tabs on this blog though.

Oops and I will have it open again for ‘reference’ as soon as I’ve stopped mucking around with the theme!

Yep, Campbell Brown. She makes it a girl name in my head. Alma and she went with Campbell, eh? I guess Alma felt too southern and feminine in a tough biz? And yet Katie (sweet, girlish sounding Katie) Couric made it without strapping on the androgynous name. Maybe I’m being harsh and she never went by Alma…

And while both Cami and Belle are perfectly acceptable nns for Campbell, Belle is only there in spelling… I’ve always been slightly put off by the pronunciation: CAM bull – just don’t love that second syllable. No one would be using the nn Bully, I hope! I’d be surprised to meet a little boy Campbell, but I think if it weren’t for Ms Brown, it would seem natural for a Campbell to be a boy… funny how that works.

I can see the nicknames Cam, Cammy, Bell and Bella for Campbell, but I’d probably stick with just Campbell. I’d only use it if it was a family name, but I love its androgynous appeal.

For the record, surnames in my own family include Miller, Jennings, McCarty and Ryon (with an O).

With the name Alma Dale I can see why she chose to use Campbell!

I’m probably going to get the red eye from the gender patrol for this, but Campbell to me is gender androgynous leaning towards the girl side. I know it’s usage from watching Campbell Brown on CNN, so that’s who I associate it with & I also read a book years ago with a minor character named Campbell. Your point about -Cam names for girls is EXCELLENT.
The name to me, sounds way more feminine & even girly to me ( I think of the NN Cammi), so I don’t really like it on a boy. It’s kind of like Aubrey for me, it’s structure is linked to way more feminine names even though it started off as masculine.So, for a girl- yes

I am of Scottish descent, so it would be going back to the roots. Overall, I actually like the name, though not enough to use. It’s more of a MN pick .

Ironically, I don’t like Addison & even Alison is only ok. Addie reminds me of algebra which I’d much sooner forget about 😉 A very interesting read today, thanks