B writes:

I sent in a request for name help in November 2020 and received wonderful feedback, a sister for Maverick and Elliot.

We ended up choosing Adrienne Elizabeth and still love our choice! We are now due with our second girl in June and are struggling to settle on a name.

So far, we have considered Waverly, Meredith, Juliet, and Caroline.

The only name we’ve crossed off is Caroline as it sounds too similar to a couple family members’ names, and we want to do something different.

We would like to stick with our 3 syllable trend.

The middle name we are thinking of is Rayne, which is my middle name. Joyce is a family name, so we would consider that also.

Our last name does not allow for adjective first names such as Violet.

Please help if you can!

Please read on for my response and leave your thoughtful suggestions in the comments.

Abby replies:

Congratulations on your new daughter!

Sometimes I think patterns are meant to be broken. But in this case, I agree that sticking with three syllables makes sense.

Your kids’ names aren’t overly similar in any way. They’re unified by rhythm. And all three names strike me as distinctly three syllables: Maverick, Elliot, Adrienne.

Let’s take a look at your current shortlist: Waverly, Meredith, Juliet, and Caroline. You’ve ruled out Caroline, so I’ll disregard that name, too.



I love the way that Adrienne and Juliet are both just the tiniest bit French. What gives me pause? Juliet shares the same ending sound as Elliot. Still, the names’ similarity matters less in a bigger family, so I think it’s still a possibility.


A classic name that isn’t as obviously traditional as, say, Elizabeth or Katherine. I think that’s your sweet spot, maybe? It does repeat your oldest’s first initial, but again – with a bigger family, such concerns are less pressing. Definitely an option.


My personal favorite, I think, for three reasons. First, the sound is completely different than your older children’s names, while still matching the established pattern. I really like the way it feels more contemporary, like Maverick.

So I’d rank Waverly the top of your current three … but I agree it’s worth considering additional options, too.

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So we’re avoiding noun names, while looking for three-syllable names that aren’t too frilly and feel familiar, without being too common. I’m also looking for names that (maybe) don’t repeat the -k, -et, and -enne endings … though maybe not. I did deliberately avoid lots of great potential names because they end with A, but I think it’s worth considering whether those could be options. (Paulina, maybe?)


Annabelle has had a good run in recent years, but Annabeth remains under-the-radar. In the Percy Jackson series, Annabeth is daughter of goddess of wisdom Athena. Despite the series’ ongoing popularity in various formats, it’s never made much of an impact on children’s names. Annabeth is a mash-up of classics Anna and Elizabeth, of course, but it feels completely different at the same time.


Aveline claims centuries of history, and yet it’s wildly uncommon, too. One hesitation: is it too similar to Adrienne?


Strictly speaking, Elowen is a noun name – it’s the Cornish word for elm tree, recently emerged as a nature name amongst native speakers. But it doesn’t feel like a word name in English. Elowyn recently entered the US Top 1000, but both spellings work nicely in our Eloise/Elodie moment. And yet … can you have an Elliot and an Elowen in the same family? I’m divided on this …


A name borrowed from Arthurian legend, Isolde isn’t quite as widely known as Guinevere or Morgan. But maybe that’s a plus? Isolde is pronounced with three syllables: i-SOL-dah. But it might be mispronounced “I sold.” For something on a similar note, there’s Isabeau, a mostly overlooked medieval variation of all the Elizabeth/Isabella names.


While we’re in the Middle Ages, what do you think of Jessamine? As with Elowen, this name has roots in the natural world – it comes from the word jasmine. But unlike Jasmine, Jessamine feels like a given name. There’s also Jessamy, for another three-syllable, ends-with-Y option.


A Mary/Marie variation, there’s something just slightly French about Marielle – just like Adrienne, I think.


Yes, like the Fleetwood Mac song. But that makes the name widely familiar without being at all common.


Strictly speaking, Romilly is a surname name. But it sounds like a mash-up of Rose and Milly, or maybe Rome and Milly? In any case, it sounds like a given name and it’s nicely rare – a good combination for your family!

Overall, I think I’m still drawn to Waverly as the right name. But since you’re not convinced, I wonder if something like Romilly would appeal? I love it with Maverick, Elliot, and Adrienne. It’s modern like Maverick, shares surname roots like Elliot, and is every so gently French, like Adrienne.

Over to you, readers! What would you name a sibling for Maverick, Elliot, and Adrienne?

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What do you think?


  1. Jennifer Rayne or Talitha Rayne

    I think as all the names go together but have such a unique stamp it would work with keeping to a different end sound to all the names.

    1. Oh, LOVE the suggestion of Talitha. Such a gorgeous name.

      And Jennifer, too – it would be a such a surprise to hear it on a child today, kind of like Mary!

  2. Congratulations on your pregnancy!
    I’d suggest Bellamy. It comes from an English surname derived from the Old French “bel ami” (beautiful friend), so I feel like it ticks a lot of your boxes.

    Maverick, Elliot, Adrienne & Bellamy.

    Best wishes!

  3. I think Felicity would fit nicely. Technically it’s 4 syllables but I think because it’s at least 3, it doesn’t feel too short. I think it’s a nice sweet spot name to bridge the difference from Maverick to Adrienne.

    Maverick, Elliot, Adrienne, and Felicity
    Felicity Joyce (happiness and joy!)
    Felicity Rayne

    Or Penelope.(4 syllables too)
    Maverick, Elliot, Adrienne, and Penelope
    Penelope Joyce
    Penelope Rayne

    Maverick, Elliot, Adrienne, Everly
    Everly Joyce
    Everly Rayne

    Maverick, Elliot, Adrienne, Lydia
    Lydia Joyce
    Lydia Rayne

    Maverick, Elliot, Adrienne, Delaney
    Delaney Joyce
    Delaney Rayne

    Maverick, Elliot, Adrienne, Cassandra
    Cassandra Joyce
    Cassandra Rayne

    Maverick, Elliot, Adrienne, Miranda
    Miranda Joyce
    Miranda Rayne

  4. Waverly goes great with your other children’s names, but I’m not sure it works with your last name, L@dy (according to your previous post).

    I would also eliminate Juliet based on its similarity to Elliot.

    That leaves Meredith, which I think is a great choice if you’re open to repeating initials!

    I also love Abby’s suggestion of Juniper on your previous post. Juniper Joyce L@dy is terrific!

    Some other possibilities:

    Cecily Rayne L@dy
    Maverick, Elliot, Adrienne & Clementine

    Clementine Rayne L@dy
    Maverick, Elliot, Adrienne & Clementine

    Claudia Rayne L@dy
    Maverick, Elliot, Adrienne & Claudia

    Genevieve Rayne L@dy
    Maverick, Elliot, Adrienne & Genevieve
    (Echoes your elder daughter’s French name)

    Ramona Rayne L@dy
    Maverick, Elliot, Adrienne & Ramona

    Susannah Rayne L@dy
    Maverick, Elliot, Adrienne & Susannah
    (Includes a double N like Adrienne)