When I started writing Name of the Day posts, I had a simple plan: a girl’s name one day, followed by a boy’s name.

Trouble is that requests to cover girls’ names routinely outpace requests for boys’ names. And not by a little, either. I’ve been four, even six weeks ahead in girls’ names and realized I was missing a boys’ name for the very next day.

Searches for girls’ names outpace boys’ searches at about the same rate, too – even when I did manage to keep the content split evenly.

Given the requests and the searches, I’ve started to mirror that in my posts. And yet, I was still way behind in the number of requests I could accommodate.

So this week is nothin’ but sugar and spice and everything nice. (Or not, depending on what you think of the Names of the Day.) But they’ll all be suitable for a daughter. I’ll be back to a more balanced calendar next week.

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  1. I have another submission. My daughter (age 4) has a new classmate and his name is Bridger. That’s a new one to me. At first I wasn’t sure if the name was male or female – later realized because it’s similar to Bridget.

  2. You are all too wonderful – let’s fill up November, and plan a boys’ week in December!

    11/11 is Fintan.
    11/13 is Robin.
    11/20 is Alaric.
    11/25 is Tadhg.

    Boys’ Week
    12/14 is Bram.
    12/15 is Milo.
    12/16 is Ivo.
    12/17 is Taran.
    12/18 is Owen. (Have I never written about Owen? Can’t be!)

  3. Tadhg

    Pretty please. All first name considerations for me this time around.

  4. So does that mean it’s harder to name a daughter, as parents-to-be do more research? 🙂

    I spotted the name Orlo in the local obituaries awhile back (presuming it’s a male name) but when I looked it up online, I only found information about the feminine Orla. So there’s a suggestion for you. 🙂

    1. I think it means that parents feel more able to be creative with their daughters’ names than with their sons’ names.

      1. Very true.
        I had a hard time naming my daughter *and* my son. 😛 I think the list of girl names was longer though.

  5. I have a couple of suggestions for boys’ names as well, if you’re interested ^^
    and Taran which is a girls’ name in Norway but also a Gaelic boys’ name which I think is quite interesting as they both have Thor as their root, so the fact that it’s unisex and has ‘evolved’ in two separate cultures is a neat way to see how the most trivial things from history can be relevant today ^^

    I also have heaps of Norwegian/Scandinavian boys’ names you could feature if you want something a bit ‘out there’ 🙂

  6. I’d love to hear about Robin for a boy. Not too stylish for a girl, but it seems nice for a boy somehow on Robin Williams, Robin van Persie, Robin Soderling, even Christopher Robin, etc.

    1. Seconded. It’s a second middle name consideration if this baby is a boy. It seems I’m too chickensh*t to place it up front.

  7. If you’re short on boy’s names there’s a couple I’d love to read about. And by “a couple” I mean heaps. 😉 If you feel inspired….

    Eoghan / Eoin / Owen

    I keep trying to break away from the Irish attachment but it’s obviously dragging me back!

  8. I must admit that I have far more fun researching boys names than I do the girls. I even have a tendency to discuss girls names more than boys. I don’t know what it is.