Name Help: A Sister for Jane and Claire

Sarah writes:Name Help

We’re expecting our third child in a few weeks. If it was a boy, he would have been David. (It’s been our favorite boy name since we started having kids!) But it’s a girl, and we’re stuck.

Our last name is long, Polish, starts with a K, ends with a -ski, almost like Jane Krakowski, the actress from 30 Rock. (Which has been a little weird with our older daughter’s name, but too late now.)

Our daughters are Jane Ashley and Claire Samantha. Jane because I’ve always loved it, and Ashley for my husband’s sister, who passed away before Jane was born. Claire was a name we agreed on immediately, and Samantha is for my grandfather.

We really like short names with strong sounds, but names that are definitely meant for girls. One possibility is Kate, but is Kate too popular? We’ve already met two other Claires around the same age as our daughter.

My mother-in-law is Beth, which could work. But I’d rather keep the family names as middles.

Lastly, we’ve thought about Mae or May, but is that too short?

So do we go with Kate? Or are there other names we haven’t thought of yet?

Read on for my reply, and please share your thoughtful suggestions in the comments!

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