March Madness 2015: Girls FINAL!

March Madness 2015The boys’ final round of #marchmadnessbabynames opened earlier today, and now it’s the girls’ turn!

The semi-finals played out similarly for the boys’ and girls’ contests. In both cases, the winners were clear, some of the names have been here before, and while it wasn’t surprising to see the outcome, I really felt like it could have gone either way.

So what happened last week?

  • Defending champ Cora bested Elodie to advance, 53.01% to 46.99%. Elodie has made it to March Madness before, but I feel like she’s always a bridesmaid. Maybe in 2016 …
  • Selah succumbed to Wren, 35.69% to 64.31%. I don’t recall either name appearing in March Madness previously – but I’m not sure I’m remembering that right. This contest seemed too close to call when it started, but Wren quickly pulled ahead. A sign that Wren is the next big thing? Maybe. But Louisa won the whole tournament back in 2011, and has yet to return to the US Top 1000.

That’s enough chatter about the semi-finals. Time to choose the 2015 champion. Please vote!

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March Madness 2015: Boys FINAL!

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