She’s a literary invention and a shortbread cookie. Her most popular year was 1941, when names like Barbara and Judith, Shirley and Geraldine were all the rage.

She reminds me of names like Norma and Edna, but somehow I find her lighter. Maybe it’s RD Blackmore’s 1869 romance, complete with mistaken identities, a lost heiress, the bad getting their comeuppance and true love conquering all.

Or maybe it is the cookie.

In any case, I thought our Week of Boys could benefit from at least some discussion of a girl’s name.

So I ask you, readers: Lorna, Yea or Nay?

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  1. The name decision has not been finalized. I really want to wait until we meet him, but my husband insisted we narrow our list of nine to at most a top three. I kind of liked having the whole list of nine to pick from. Anyway, the top three (of the moment — I’m sure they could change) are Julius, Elliot, and Wesley. Frederick and Gideon are also top contenders in my mind. And I do love Henry… it’s not very common where I live in California, but I know it seems like a very predictable choice elsewhere, and that bugs me.

    I actually should thank you for adding Wesley back on to my list. It was an old high school favorite that I had sort of forgotten about, but your Name of the Day article reminded me of it again and convinced me it was worth considering. (It’s a good consolation for not being able to call my first son Ashley.)

    Naming a person is a huge decision, isn’t it?

    1. Um, you should also thank me. I was the one who suggested it. 😉

      You’re so close! How exciting! I wish I was there, too – but I still have three months to go.

      1. In that case, thanks Photoquilty! I had forgotten you were the one who suggested it as NotD. Wesley really IS such a good name.

  2. My due date is January 4 — less than two weeks away! Eek!

    I suppose I’m really getting to the point where he could come any time. That’s scary.

    1. Oh, that it close! How exciting. I know you’ll have a few other priorities in those early days, but we all want to hear from you, too. 🙂

      And you know I’m dying to know – is the name decision final or will you be debating it right through the non-alcoholic champagne toast on New Year’s?

  3. Hello! It has been FOREVER since I’ve posted here, Abby! Now that school’s out, I thought I’d stop by again and say hello.

    I know a Scottish girl named Lorna who would be about my age (late 20’s). The name does sound a bit dated, but I can appreciate its Scottish literary charm.

    It’s amazing to me how two syllable A enders with a single intervening consonant between the vowel sounds (a la Nora, Laura, or Lana) sound very current, but stick TWO consonants in between the vowels (a la Norma, Edna, Myrna) and you have an old-lady name. Strange, huh?

    1. Good to hear from you, Emmy Jo! I was trying to think of your due date the other day – is it February? Hope you’re doing well and enjoying the holiday. 🙂

  4. Personally, I don’t find any attraction in the name. I’m not against vintage names, but this names sounds very old and heavy. It just doesn’t sound youthful and full of vitality

    It does sound like a British name to me, for some reason. I suppose names like Edith also sound British to me

    Hmm, I don’t consider in unusual. To me it’s like a name like Edith,Gertrude etc
    I suppose it can be unusual because of its popularity

  5. Incidentally, the Lornas I’ve met have all been Danish/Austrian/German. Sometimes their names have been spelt Lorne, but always pronounced Lorna.