Sunday Summary 4.15.18Parking restrictions are already in place at the Lindo Wing at St. Mary’s Hospital in London, which means that Will and Kate will surely welcome their third child shortly.

Word is that she’s due sometime in the next two weeks.

Back when the royal couple were expecting Princess Charlotte, betting site Ladbrookes raced a bunch of adorable Corgis in an attempt to predict the new arrival’s name. The winner that time around? Alexandra. So the pooches correctly picked the new baby’s gender, but missed by a mile on her name.

Lucky they’re still cute.

And hey, if there were a Corgi race today, I’d be tempted to wager a fiver on Mary. Or Alice. All of my thoughts here:

For more details on all things royal baby naming:

Elsewhere online:

  • Kate’s book is available to order! Catholic Baby Names for Boys and Girls: 250 Ways to Honor Our Lady is shipping the week of April 23rd.
  • This is a good discussion that touches on why parents object to boys’ names on girls: Parents are increasingly giving their daughters boy names like James and Finn; few among us would dare give our sons a girl name, because pity the boy named Jenn or Sofia. In other words, it’s not about the names.
  • I can’t wait to hear what Kate Hudson names her first girl!
  • Fraser really could be fabulous for the right family, don’t you think?
  • Welcome to the world, Ivey Joan. My first thought when I saw the birth announcement for Jamie Lynn Spears’ second daughter? Wait, I keep saying there’s only one way to spell Ivy. And now the woman who helped popularize Zoey spells her daughter’s name with an extra ‘e’? This could be interesting …
  • I’ve always liked Julian, but The Art of Naming came up with a great A to Z of boys’ names ending with -ian.
  • Ooh, I’m with Bree: Thyme makes for a fascinating name possibility.
  • Esme Cosima Ann and Harrison Willoughby Simon: Elea’s birth announcement posts never fail to disappoint.
  • I’m not sure this is all good advice. Sure, if the name you love is very popular, you might be able to find a close-not-quite substitute. But I tend to think that #6 says it all …
  • Are there medieval names that wear well today? I say yes, thanks to this list, including Kenelm and Everild. And maybe Roswitha, too.
  • I wonder when we’ll learn the name of the newest Kardashian? Khloe will surely tell us, just like her sisters. But will it be something completely unexpected, like Kim’s Chicago? Or something more mainstream, but still surprising, like Kylie’s Stormi?  (Thanks to Justine for catching an error in this first version of this post – I’ve scrambled my Kardashians, and originally referred to Kendall’s Stormi. She’s the last Kar-Jenner sibling to start a family, so
  • Last thought: I’m unreasonably excited to see Solo: A Star Wars movie. And it has me thinking: will Lando take off as a given name? It saw some use before The Empire Strikes Back debuted in 1980. That’s because this space age name has roots in the Middle Ages. If Kylo can make the Top 1000, then my eye is on this one, too …

That’s all for this week. As always, thank you for reading – and have a great week!

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